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πŸŽ‰ first gig on the app, BOOKED!
Join us on 18th November at Popradar for a night of heavy metal and good company. As we continue to grow and develop we’re excited to bring you more events and to continue connecting music lovers, musicians and venues around Benelux. Be sure to stay up to date with us on the Tapsody app for more exciting news!

🎢 Tapping into music history
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Every issue, we pay homage to legends of music from Benelux and beyond. American rock group Van Halen changed the name of rock and roll when they burst onto the music scene of California in the 1970s. The band has sold nearly 80 million records worldwide over the course of their 48-year career and brought back the virtuosic guitar solo to mainstream music in the 70s and 80s. 
Despite their presence in the American rock scene, did you know rock legend Eddie Van Halen and his brother Alex were actually born and raised in the Netherlands until the ages of 7 and 8?

✨ Featured Venue: Popradar
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The Popradar is home to the largest rehearsal space in the Hague and a venue dedicated to nurturing musical talent. With a focus on creating new local, national, and international opportunities for musicians from the Hague, this venue provides an array of services including 20 rehearsal rooms, a sound studio, teaching and presentation rooms, a cafe, music lessons, and a space to rent for performances.
Popradar is the ideal venue for upcoming and established pop and rock musicians alike and a great spot for music lovers to experience new music. Be sure to check out their schedule of upcoming gigs.  

Here is a collection of venues seeking artists to perform in the coming months. Keep up to date on the Tapsody app for more open venue and service opportunities.
De Riddert
12 November 2022
Seeking: Musicians
Location: Rotterdam Centrum
Genre: Loud
9 December 2022
Seeking: Musicians
Location: Rotterdam Centrum
Genre: TBD
13 January 2023
Seeking: Musicians
Location: Vlaardingen
Genre: R&B/Pop/Hip-Hop
Catch Demonic Blood and Edsattic at our upcoming event at Popradar on 18 November. Stay up to date with our event information on our Instagram and on the Tapsody app! Thanks for reading.
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