Move at your own pace.  This season of your life will get overwhelming.  Accept the help that others offer, let them know when you need time to yourself and do what you love.  Don't apologize for any of it!  You are dealing with a lot.” 
  • How to NOT Go Broke During Cancer Treatment
  • Did You Know????
  • Survivor Story - Tips and Fav Products from a Patient Experience Expert and Survivor
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Money, Money, Money!
Bills, bills, bills and more bills.  Everyone on a cancer journey knows that even if you have insurance, it doesn’t cover everything.  The bills all pile up, and the mail and emails with bills is overwhelming and never ending. 
There’s a lot of help out there for you.  You do NOT have to feel green from all the green you owe!  We have gathered numerous resources to help you out. Click below to learn more. 
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Did You Know????
…Chemo Brain is Real, Being Married is Best for Cancer Patients and More things you may not know!
During COVID, it seemed like we talked about Brain Fog a lot. It definitely happened to a lot of people. It reminded me of Chemo Brain. The lack of memory and hard time focusing.  According to one study, about 67% people on chemo get chemo brain. Chemo Brain IS REAL!  So if you know anyone going through Chemo right now, be aware! 
How can you help your friends with Chemo Brain?  How about sending them puzzles, number games, or suggest mastering a new skill or learn a language together, or learn to play an instrument together.  Remember exercise, even a walk always helps! More tips for Chemo Brain….
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I was divorced and single, but you may want to start looking for a partner! Check out this article I just read!
You are IN CHARGE!
Up to half of all cancers are preventable (It may be too late for some of us, but important to share with your kids and those younger!)
Skin Cancer is the MOST preventable (use sunblock, NO tanning beds)
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Real People, Real Stories
I first met Mercedes a few years ago.  We were introduced by our friend Staci Igel of Boy Meets Girl. We have spoken at events together and taken part in the same campaigns to support Breast Cancer.  
Mercedes E. Wilson is a passionate servant leader tasked with delivering a message of hope to everyone needing encouragement through their circumstances; big or small. She’s a 3-time author, speaker, television personality, and founder of a non-profit, “For Our Daughters” and is adamant in serving her community in the Buffalo, NY area. 
In 2011, Mercedes was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer at the age of 28 and that forever changed her life.  For Our Daughters Inc was birthed from that battle. Through her non-profit, For Our Daughters Inc, Mercedes has educated and equipped over 6,000 young women with the tools necessary to have serious conversations about their health. This is done by going into high schools around Western New York and doing workshops with teenagers that teaches them how to advocate with issues that matter to them. Mercedes started out hosting her international show “The Mercedes Wilson Show” that aired in over 1 million homes per week on LCTV(Lockport NY) and Kingdom Insight Television(Canada). She then started working with her local ABC affiliate in Buffalo NY doing weekly segments called Recipes for Life.  After one year of working with the station, Mercedes was offered the permanent position as the Co-Host of AM Buffalo, a daily lifestyle show.  
Out of everything she has accomplished and overcome, Mercedes’ greatest blessing is her amazing husband and four wonderful children. 
A Place To Call Home During A Cancer Journey
As a reminder, or in case you are new to us, My Cancer Family will be the safe place to go for community, support, resources and help…Everything from getting to the right non-profit that offers FREE programs to helping with nutrition to tutorials for how to put on eyelashes, to sharing wisdom we learned (like why your nose may run all the time), to connecting anyone with a survivor who knows and understands.
Find, Share & Unite
We want to support you and everyone you know who has had cancer, is going through treatment, or is newly diagnosed and their families and anyone who is affected by Cancer.
Cancer Sucks.  F*** Cancer. We Hate Cancer. We know this already.  We can’t change that for you. We CAN change your journey. We WILL make it easier and better.We are YOUR Cancer Family.
Stay Positive,  
Denise & the My Cancer Family family