Have You Made Any 
Interesting Quilt Backs?
Hello Friends!
I've gotten several questions about quilt backs recently - I love to create interesting backs for every quilt I make. 
That got me thinking - I know that some of you like to do the same with your quilts. If you have a quilt where you've made a great back - I'd love to have a picture of the front - and the back to include in an inspiration gallery on the website. 
You can reply to this email with your pictures and I'll list you by first name and the first initial of your last name next to the images of your quilt.
Here's an example of one I made a couple of years ago:
Image item

Under My Needle
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I'm having some fun with “Remixing” traditional quilt blocks as part of a design challenge on Instagram. This month we took on the classic “Clay's Choice” block. In this post on my blog I show 8 different variations - Read more ….

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The Quiltblox Event Calendar
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The next show coming up is the Quilt, Craft & Sewing Festival -November 17 - 19 in Puyallup. Get all the details in the Quiltblox Event Calendar - Read More … 

Thank you so much for joining me in the pursuit of creativity and being my fellow co-creator. I look forward to seeing what you're working on and sharing what I'm working on with you - until then - all the best to you!
 Deb Messina
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