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The OHT impact story this month is about Hero Flights, a non profit in NC, that provides flights for veterans with physical (illness and treatment) and mental health (PTSD) challenges to their doctors’ appointments.
Chad Lacy is the Founder of Hero Flights and called me very early on for advice on establishing a non profit that was somewhat different but one that would have huge impact.  I knew right away OHT would be interested in helping to support his efforts because the impact was so great.
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I asked why these veterans didn’t just use commercial flights.  “You see," he said, "There is great fear of airports for the veterans with PTSD and for those with illnesses and severe health problems, commercial flights don’t work.  For those with PTSD the lights often trigger a panic attack and with PTSD their attention span is very short so veterans often lose their sense of direction and they get lost. The TSA is usually called when this happens and if the veteran is having a panic attack he/she may react violently to the person trying to help.  The veteran then vows never to take another commercial flight again thus they don’t go to their appointments.”
“My flights assure them  they will get to and from their appointments where they will get the necessary care.  
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My plane is very small but modern.  Veterans love it.  They say compared to the helicopters they’ve been in during their time in the military, this is Heaven.  My plane can only go so high and so far so I stay on the East Coast but these flights fill some critical gaps in care that I’m able to fill.”
You can only imagine the cost of a flight with fuel, permits, equipment, etc.  Chad paid for many of them initially and then began to look for other funding sources.  OHT saw right away the impact these flights had on the physical and mental well being of veterans so OHT began making donations that would get him half way to his annual flight goals.
You, too, can make a difference by making an OHT purchase, making a donation or getting involved with veterans in need in your community.
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