The Month of Gratitude
As I write this, it is raining outside and the sound, smell and feel is wonderful. We have been hoping for more rain and as the season changes, there is much gratitude when our wishes are granted. I know it is easy to feel gratitude when things go our way, but it is also a beautiful practice when life feels hard or not in our favor. 
This month, I invite you to notice daily the things that are really good in your life and maybe even those things or people that you take for granted. As a community can we commit to beginning our day with a simple reminder of the things that light us up? As we go to bed at night, can we close our eyes to those same thoughts? 
The study of a gratitude practice is immense and there is a lot of research that supports that directing our mind towards goodness, leads to increasing our well-being and outlook on life.
A few ways to begin the habit of a daily gratitude practice are…
1.  journaling daily 3 things that you are grateful for.
2. starting a gratitude jar with your family and friends (daily piece of paper in a jar or bowl that states one thing you are grateful for)
3. a group email or text exchange with your close circle to remind each other of what you are grateful for. 
4. a moment before a meal to say what you are grateful for.
The more often we recognize the good in our life, the happier and more content we will feel. This month let's support each other in seeing the light in each other. 
Feel free to share your gratitude practice on social and tag us!
We are thankful to everyone in our community. Your support and consistency at the studio mean more than you will ever know! Thank you! 
This month mark your calendars for Sacred Sunday on November 13 for a heart opening and gratitude practice. Join us the day after Thanksgiving for our gratitude flow at 9a with Stacy- this is a Free community class with donations given to Open Heart Kitchen. Please sign up in advance. We also invite you to experience our new Pilates reformer studio and book a session with Stephanie or Jen. 
There is so much to be thankful for- join us this month as we highlight this habit of well-being. 
See you soon…
The Well Studio Staff

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