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Imagine this for a second First name / friend.
What if just ONE lesson from ONE module used on ONE pitch and conversation with a brand could result in you getting one more signed contract? 😍
Would that be worth $277 to you? 
Well, think bigger.
Because when you get N2N, you're getting the step-by-step plan you can use on ALL of your work to land brand partnerships!
We've covered everything: branding yourself on social media, sending pitches, signing contracts, managing taxes, becoming an LLC, and more!
What impact could that knowledge have on how your business grows next year?
Here is your friendly reminder that the price for N2N goes up tonight at midnight!
Right now, you can access the entire playbook to land long-term partnerships for just $277!
Can you use the information inside to land long-term deals and make a full-time income?
A few of our previous N2N students asked that before they got in.. "Is N2N legit?!"
...Instead of telling you it worked for them, here is the proof.
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If you're ready to level up and truly make this work for you, no matter if you are in college, work a 9-5, or are a mom, then click here to gain access to N2N right now!
But hurry! At just $277, the price will go up TONIGHT!
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P.S. N2N will not be $277 tomorrow! This is your last chance to get access to N2N at the most affordable price possible. Click here to secure your seat now
P.S.S. Oh, and if you have a specific question, let's talk on IG! Message me “N2N” on IG and ask away!
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