First name / Friend, it is Book Day! We would like to continue with the book club series of our newsletter! At Arwani Law Firm we like to always keep you posted on the books that are being read by our lovely staff. Hope you enjoy and have the chance to read some of our suggestions. Our list is made up of the following: 
  • Brave New World: This book was written by Aldous Huxley back in 1931. This masterpiece has become one of the most famous dystopian writings in English literature. Brave New World is a searching vision of an unequal, technologically-advanced future where humans are genetically bred, socially indoctrinated, and pharmaceutically anesthetized to passively uphold an authoritarian ruling order–all at the cost of our freedom, full humanity, and perhaps also our souls. This books must be read and understood by anyone concerned with preserving the human spirit.
  • Gulag: An amazing recommendation by our Associate Attorney, Gulag is an essential book for anyone who wishes to understand the history of the 20th century. It was written by Anne Applebaum and it won the Pulitzer Prize for General Nonfiction in 2004. This book follows The Gulag-a vast array of Soviet concentration camps that held millions of political and criminal prisoners. It was a system of repression and punishment that terrorized the entire society, embodying the worst tendencies of Soviet communism.
  • Discipline is Destiny: This book is written by best selling author and prominent Stoic philosopher Ryan Holiday. The Stoics believed that we are all born to fulfill a great destiny. And while not everyone’s destiny is the same, everyone’s destiny is achieved with self-discipline and self-control. The aim of this book is to arm you with the habits, traits, and mindsets that will help you fulfill your destiny.

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