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Hello, First name / my friend,
Happy November! I'm happy to report I made an apple crisp and a pumpkin bread this week. Autumnal goodness abounds. 
I don't know about you, but Halloween falling on Monday kicked this week off on a wonky foot. That got me thinking about how the Santillian triplets were faring and this conversation between them sprang to mind. Ash, as always, doesn't understand what he doesn't understand. Hope you enjoy this visit with them.
In case you missed last week's visit with Shay, Noah, and Gennie, you can read it here.
Stay well!
xo kate

Magnolia: Mom just dropped off a literal trash bag full of candy at my house
Magnolia: Apparently they didn’t have any trick-or-treaters
Magnolia:  She bought enough candy for every child in the state
Ash: And now it’s yours. Felicitations.
Magnolia: Not mine for long. I’m strapping these kids into the stroller and bringing half of it to your office.
Ash: Unnecessary. There’s already a bowl of leftover candy in the conference room.
Magnolia: Then we’ll go over to Rob’s office and donate some sugar to his staff.
Ash: I doubt he needs any candy other there.
Magnolia: I don’t care!
Ash: Then you should’ve said that from the start.
Magnolia: Listen, dude. It’s a beautiful day and these kids are still hungover from Halloween. I need to get all the hyper out of them and exhaust them into sleeping tonight. A long walk down to the Financial District will help. At least, it will help my sanity.
Ash: They’re two…
Ash: How is it that difficult?
Magnolia: You don’t know what it’s like parenting twin toddler boys, Ash!
Linden: This is when you should shut up, Ash.
Ash: Yeah, I know. I don’t have kids so I have no clue.
Ash: But they’re smaller children. They sleep fifteen hours a day, have a limited command of the language, and they aren’t especially good at walking steadily. It can’t be that hard.
Magnolia: So, you’ll take them for the afternoon?
Ash: If you need a break, yeah, I’d be happy to keep them busy. I don’t have any meetings this afternoon. They can hang out with me in my office.
Linden: I am going to need before and after pics, Maggie.
Magnolia: Skip the pics! Go get your kids and bring them over to Uncle Ash. He knows everything about toddlers!
Linden: Let me think about that.
Ash: You’re both so full of shit.
Eight hours later
Zelda: Hey! I just got home and Ash is a little catatonic. He’s talking about scheduling a vasectomy on Monday. He said you’d know what it was about?
Magnolia: hahahaaaaaaaa
Linden: Classic Ash.

We always have something to talk about. Usually involves shenanigans.
p.s. There are probably typos in this message. Definitely in this chat with Magnolia, Ash, and Linden! Probably in the bonus content too. And broken links! It happens. It’s like that headache you get from not eating or drinking water in a given day. Completely normal and absolutely logical but stunning nonetheless.