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You know what they say about plans…mine was to complete the re-design of my practitioner website Conversational Space to launch Living in HD. Instead of pushing, I've decided to allow time for the final pieces of the website to arrive and to first share this new monthly I'm offering. 
As many of  you know, I've been shifting to Human Design and Jin Shin for deconditioning, self care, and alignment work with clients. More and more people are discovering Human Design as a tool for self-understanding and self-empowerment, as well as a path to living correctly in relationship and in this fast-changing world.
Human Design may or may not be for you; what I am offering through Living in HD is a container to explore commonly-held beliefs about the world, spirituality, healing, and purpose, to calibrate our frequencies, and to better understand ourselves as transmitters and receptors on our path of alignment.
We live in a profound time, an age of closing cycles and breakdown. We are moving through a portal that requires true alignment. The discomfort of trying to navigate or even understand from the mind and not living from our truth will increasingly worsen. It will also become more divisive.
This means connections, beliefs, mindsets, stories, patterns, and cultural constructs created from lack will break down. These pieces lost in time are to be re-collected. 
It is time to untangle ourselves from socialized dogma, from the spells that have glamoured the world, and from the Program. We are shifting the conversation and our attention from past consciousness that's based in fear and control to celebrating each other's uniqueness.

Living in HD
is a monthly report that probes the nature of our reality, dismantles common conditioning patterns, and explores our differentiated experiences of alignment. The voice of Living in HD is to celebrate uniqueness and to recognize how different we are as 9-centred beings.
While Living in HD is written primarily through the lens of Human Design, the content is for anyone engaged in self-discovery, interested in embodied spirituality, and on the path of liberating their inner authority and sovereignty.
I have open head and ajna centres, called the classic intellectual and I am a vessel and receptor for philosophies, theories, and concepts “out there." I've also been deconditioning, moving through an assortment of release,. Aries, Sagittarius, and Aquarius energies ride strong, and this is my offering to foster radical self love in a world that largely markets to our vulnerabilities, not-self rejection, and misunderstanding for their profit and control.
It's time to shine a light on the homogenized world and to break from the Program.
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Living IN HD Issue No. 1 focuses on the role of the mind, the new creative potential of Rightness that is embodied by half of us, the new consciousness of the strategic of Leftness, the evolution to Rightness, and their implications with the coming of a new global cycle in 2027.
Rightness and Leftness are not concepts of the left and right brain. It is an “upgrade” that came with the mutation of the visual cortex, a difference that goes unrecognized and misunderstood in the way children are educated and how adults engage in this world that is ruled by the old survival-based strategic mind.

Ready to join the conversation and the inner-lution.
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