We have some new friends here, so I wanted to reintroduce myself! 
Hi, I'm Meg!
Welcome to the sweet world of birth and postpartum with ME! 
I'm a lover of nature, crystals, and bodily autonomy! I'm the mama of two amazing children and the most supportive husband. I'm based out of Forest Hill, MD, but serve many families in Harford County and Baltimore!
Chilly Blessings to You! As we approach this cold, what are you feeling is dark within you? Could it be those overwhelming days as parent? Could it be running your business as it gets cold and slows down? I want you to know you are never alone in your feelings… validation is everything. Take some time to breathe and journal this year as it comes to an end. What are you grateful for? What do you wish would slow down? I tend to get darker with the sun as it fades into the day. I do not want to leave my house and I really like being warm under covers just nursing my boy, who by the way would nurse all day if he could. But I also know that I have shit to do. And people, including myself, to take care of. So, I journal and I drink coffee or tea and I say a mantra to myself. 
I will enjoy this day. The sun is as bright as my heart today. My struggles do not define me. I can do my best today.
I hope you come up with a mantra for yourself today!
I had so much fun on Halloween, btw. My family and I were Lord of the Rings. Yes, we are major nerds for it. Halloween is definitely a favorite holiday of ours. I hope you guys had fun, too!
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Okay, okay. Back to birth and postpartum business. Today, I want to chat about inductions.
Did you have an induction? Did you feel forced into it? Or were you happy with how it was handled? A lot of the time, an induction can feel forced on you with fear and reasonings that aren't medically correct. Some reasons doctors will induce are:
🌿 Baby measuring too big
🌿 High blood pressure (1-2x in your entire pregnancy)
🌿 Your age
🌿 Pregnancy going past your due date
🌿 Hospital's convenience (ex. if you're due around the holidays, doctors may suggest it so that they won't miss the holiday with their family - you can say no to this!)
🌿 Little or too much amniotic fluid
🌿 Preeclampsia 
🌿 Placental / uterine conditions
🌿 Premature rupture of waters 
As a doula, it is NOT my job to make medical decisions. However, it is my job to help you make the best informed choice possible for this situation. If you are high risk, you should probably check with your provider and see how long they have gone with patients with the same condition. I want you to feel very comfortable with your provider - if you're feeling too scared to ask questions, that provider is not for you. Take a look at this reel!
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Business Spotlight
I cannot even express how much I appreciate small business owner, Sarah Simmons. She is a private tutor and owner of Mrs. Sarah's Super Schoolers. Throughout the pandemic, she was a lifesaver for my 5 year old. We used her 4x a month to come and help guide her in ways that I was too frustrated or overwhelmed to do. 
Give her a follow on Instagram, and if you have bigger kids who need guidance and you need a break, she's the one to call <3
Giveaway Time
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As a, β€œThank You”, to all of my amazing families and community, I've decided to give away some treats! How to enter:
✨ Follow me on Instagram
✨ Share your favorite reel of mine (+ tag me!)
The winner receives a naturally scented candle made with soy wax and elderberry, tea made from chamomile, clove, and lemon, and epsom salt with lavender and flakes of honey. What a great way to indulge in self care! Take a bath, candle lit with some healthy, immune building tea! Good luck everyone πŸ’œ
With all my love,