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November 2022 vol. 2

Firm Principles, Flexible Practices
Gearing up for winter means stacking hay.  Typically we're able to harvest 50 bales from our place during the summer months, but due to the drought this year we've had to buy in all of our hay.  I was able to find some chemical free hay from a fellow growing industrial hemp up in Bartlett.  He had planted hemp seed, but very little of it germinated.  What he did get was a mix of coastal Bermuda and sorghum (from a previous life as a sorghum crop).  I'm hoping this 100 bales will get me through the winter.  
Thanks to Molly's dad, Robert Hammack, for picking up and unloading the hay. 
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As One Door Closes, 
Another Opens
While our chicken processor closed shop a few weeks back, a new USDA Beef and Hog slaughter facility opened up just down the road in Luling.  Hometown Meat market was launched by quite the remarkable fellow - Cole Bolton.
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Though I have no recollection, Cole says he and I met a few years ago at a farmers market when he was trying to break onto the scene.  More recently, I’ve gotten to know Cole through the Beef Initiative (discussed in previous newsletters).  Last Saturday he hosted the grand opening of Hometown Meat Market.  Hundreds showed up to tour a state of the art slaughter facility, followed by a tour of 2-C Ranch. 
At the ranch we were treated to a few guest speakers, lots of fellowship, and a “whole lotta” beef (5 different courses of delicious cuts). 
We’re very fortunate here in central Texas to have several red meat slaughterhouses, but I believe Hometown Meat Market is the only small-scale USDA facility in the area.  Of course USDA only matters if you’re going to transport it across state lines.  Otherwise a Texas Inspected facility (like we currently use) will suffice. 
I'm not sure if or when I'll be moving my business to Hometown Meat Market as I'd have to redo all my labeling and it's also a bit further to drive.  As we've learned from the recent shutdown of our chicken processors, it's always good to have options,  and it's even better when you have a personal connection with those suppliers you rely on to operate your business.

New Schedule for Nov - Dec
The Pflugerville Market is moving into it's Pfestive Market Season and will no longer be open every week. We will deliver pre-orders to the market location on the days the market is closed for no extra charge. Pfestive Market dates are listed at the bottom of the newsletter.


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