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The road of Herbal Mystery School is lined with white birches; sappy, starry candles that we carry as lanterns into our months together. Birch gives birth to the forest in early spring; so birch is our first oracle, our first guide, our first shrine. Paper-skinned Birch is the flowering maypole of our village dance. 
For the rest of the year, with each spin around the maypole, we follow the bone-rhythm of Birch as the road opens to other plant initiators: we knot the lush green fiber of Nettle around our hips, we sing the harmonized, honeyed, hymns of Linden to the bees and we sip on the nectar of Roses to loosen our limbs and unfurl every petal. Other plants (who are to be revealed further along) will tie their magic ribbons to the birch and join us in the dance. 
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Each month begins with a plant initiation. We cross the threshold into a ritual cycle, opening to the mysteries of this plant. We are practitioners of devotional collaboration.
The work of Herbal Mystery School is ceremonial. Our plant ceremonies emerge through divination, offering, meditation, trance, folklore, dream tending, poetry and art exploration. The work of Herbal Mystery School is earthly. We brew the tea, bathe with the plants, we drop tinctures into our water, we feast on the plants. 
Even though our cohort is not physically together, we hold each other in the web. A lot of our rituals and plant work may be personal, but when they are offered in the group they become stronger, part of our community folklore. Sometimes we forget to take the plants, but the other participants in our cohort invite us back into presence through deep witnessing, discussion and reflection. 
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This is a program that focuses on plant energetics and magical plant practice. In Herbal Mystery School we do not aim to define what plants do, rather we open ourselves to being in devotional relationship with plants. Each month with our plant initiation, magical practices are offered to accompany and deepen your time with every plant. We embody the mysteries of each plant through these practices. 
May we be moved by mystery. 
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2023 marks the seventh year of Herbal Mystery School. This class is extremely special to me because it is so informed by the group that emerges each year. This class is never offered in the same way. I spend time each winter asking which plants want to cahoot with this group, and even though some stay the same (like Birch), certain plants make themselves known as willing collaborators for the year. So as I enter into the dreaming cave of Herbal Mystery School 2023, I hope you will dream into joining us as well. 
Would you like to join us? Thirteen spaces are open for next year's program. 
The application period is open now and will close 12/1. 
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With mystery,
x Liz