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Hello! Holiday season is in full swing, and my heart is so excited about it! This month is full of so many good things, including a Black Friday SALE later this month! But before we get started, did you hear about the new enhancements to our referral bonus? Perfect timing! Scroll down and I'll tell you more, but first…

Drizzle this nutritious vinaigrette on your favorite green salad or pasta salad...or use it for dipping with a crusty chunk of sour dough bread! This delicious vinaigrette is an old tried and true recipe of mine, ramped up with Young Living's nutritious NingXia Green powder and Vitality Essential Oils!
Click on the image below for the recipe!
HOLIDAY TIP: Bottle this delicious recipe into gifts for friends!
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This time of year, it's super easy to earn points for free products while shopping for gifts! There’s this exciting little thing you may not have heard about yet. It’s called Loyalty Rewards (LR), and it’s the most economical way to get your hands (and body) on the best essential oils on the planet! I want to make sure you get all the perks possible, so listen up!
There is NO fee to join, NO obligation to continue, and totally worth it in every. single. way! It’s kind of like a frequent flyer program for oils. It offers discounts and reward points based on your monthly purchases. Get details by clicking on the image below.
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Every month Young Living sends free gifts with each order of 100PV+ and this month's gifts include something for everyone, including one of my favorites to have on hand through the cold months! Make sure to place your order through Loyalty Rewards (our monthly subscription program) to get all of the items for free!* 
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Add a splash of these flavorful drops to your Ningxia Spritzer or water to get some extra benefits from your favorite daily beverage.
Our favorite hand sanitizer that kills 99.9% of germs without the harmful effects of all the additives, including hormone disrupting Triclosan. Did I mention it also smells so refreshing? The best kick of peppermint ever.
The oil we all love for all the digestive support. Apply one drop of this to your belly & thank me later! It's a blend of lots of great oils, including Fennel, Anise, Tarragon, and Peppermint.
Coughing? Congested? Rub the soothing salve on your chest to feel relief. It's a must have in the winter months, and of course, free from all the harmful ingredients you find in common brands.
Frank has a special place in my heart. You can use it for so many things – grounding, emotions, skin, overall health, and soothing your head. If I could only have one oil, this would be it!
These gel capsules contains Fennel, Anise, and Ginger essential oils to support digestion; Peppermint and Caraway essential oils, which have been used for centuries to ease occasional digestive discomfort; and Lemon essential oil, which has been used as a traditional method to stimulate digestion. I take this as soon as I start feeling iffy, especially since the digestive system is the center of the immune system.
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Have you smelled Evergreen Essence yet?! It's the oil we look forward to each winter, and it sells out fast! It's here just in time to create all the cozy vibes for your festive gatherings! Evergreen essence is a dreamy blend of powerful conifer oils including Lodgepole Pine, Grand Fir, Ponderosa Pine, Subalpine Fir, Balsam Oregon, Scotch Pine, Corkbark Fir, Balsam Canada, Bristlecone Pine, Blue Spruce, White Pine, and Engelmann Spruce.
This blend offers the feeling of strength and "protection," like the powerful trees that bring security and beauty to our world. This oil blend will bring the clean, crisp smell of snow-draped forests into your home.
  • Sprinkle a few drops on logs before burning in the fireplaceDiffuse for an intoxicating feeling of protection in your home
  • Infuse greeting cards during the holidays
  • Place a few drops on Christmas ornaments, pine cones, gift basket shred, and gift bows
  • Use in DIY recipes (room spray, linen spray, carpet freshener, etc.)Apply generously when going out in public, at gatherings, or when you’re around a lot of people.
  • Use when you’re going to be hugging lots of people…basically it’s for when you have to “people.”
6 Evergreen Essence + 4 Cinnamon Bark or Cassia + 3 Vanilla
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Click the image below to see what's in my recommended “Gut Health Bundle.” Remember, your gut is your second brain, and when it's not happy, the rest of your body isn't happy!
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This month’s Brand Partner of the month is Diamond leader, and October’s top enroller, Amanda Friedl. Last month, Amanda celebrated her 10-year YL anniversary! Even after a decade, she leads the way by proving her love for our oils through her continued passion of sharing them everywhere she goes! Happy 10th Anniversary, Amanda!
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So many of our leaders are like Amanda, and have a genuine heart for helping people achieve greater wellness—they are the real deal and 100% committed. 
Our goal is to help equip you to take ownership of your own mental and physical health, detox every area of your life, connect with our community of like-minded oilers, and see you reach your goals! If you ever wondered what is at the heart of the Common Scents team, this sums it up. We have:
  • A commitment to Gary and Mary’s mission of getting oils into every home
  • A gratefulness to God for His gift of pure, premium, essential oils (quality and efficacy)
  • A determination to help people take control of their own health
  • A love for people and their families
  • A first-hand knowledge of Seed to Seal integrity
  • A desire to share with others what has changed our lives
  • An ingrained company-wide belief that we should always put people over profit
  • A fierce dedication to love and to edify our people, including crossline friends

Most of us got into Young Living because we were blown away by the power of the oils and the oil-infused supplements that literally changed our lives, including Ningxia Red. We recognized the oils as one of God’s good gifts to us…oils that support the body’s effort to do what He designed it to do…and that is to heal and thrive. We wanted this for ourselves and for our families—and we want it for you too! 
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And if you would  like some extra money for the approaching gift giving season, keep reading to find out how you can earn extra cash by doing something you're probably already doing…sharing about your oils. I'm not talking “sales" because the oils sell themselves as you learn to talk about them and use them "out loud." I can show you how, And now, as a Brand Partner, when you refer a friend, and they order a Premium Starter Kit, you will earn a $25 bonus 
 50% of whatever they order during their very first month! Not only that, but you'll earn 25% of their purchases during their second and third month! That's an average of $75 every time you refer a friend with one of our qualifying starter kits. Message me for more details.
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When I started with Young Living back in 2010, I considered it simply an extension of my ministry to the women in my life. And though my vision for helping people expanded into a successful business that now reaches thousands, the heart behind that ministry is still the same today! My passion for teaching about God’s gift of oils hasn’t wavered. In fact, it’s stronger and more focused than it’s ever been!
Thank you for being a loyal part of my team - I am extremely grateful for you.
Abundantly Yours,
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