Sunday, November 27, 2022
Hello! Jessica here. I was thinking…
“Tis the Season …” 
To Give.
To Love.
To Be Present.
And to say “NO.”
Well said, Thomas Oliphant … and Jess 
Avoid Holiday Burnout
It's as easy as … No.

"Tis the season" isn't so easy when you're in Real Estate. That push 'n pull of keeping our business thriving, while being present… oh and don't forget to give, go to parties, network, solve Seller problems, take those family photos for the impending Holiday Cards and plan the meals for all!  I know you feel me!  
The Holidays come same time every year. NOW is the time to get really good at … saying NO! (Thank you;)
We went on a trip recently and the same friend always says YES to everything… and then gets burned out, frustrated and resentful of the group by the end of the trip, essentially ruining that planned bonding time. Sound familiar?
If you look back at your previous Holiday photos, did this time speak about Holiday Cheer or did you spread yourself thin and you're DREADING 
another round of the “Holiday Spirit?”
Holiday Cheer starts and ends with YOU!  Get GREAT at Saying NO to anything that doesn't serve you, your family, your happiness, your wellbeing.  If you're not happy, how can you spread the cheer?  Your family, friends & clients will feel your genuine authenticity vs. empty presence (presents?). WIN!
Oh BTW, we are hosting a FREE Holiday Event with Santa Photos right here in Point Loma on Dec 4th.  It's okay to say NO, but hope you don't.;)  
Happy Holidays and Peace to ALL!
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Stay tuned for more next week, my friend. :)
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