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It’s Monday, First name / friend!
Question for you. 
How many times a week/day do you say: “I don't have enough time" or some variation of it?
If you answered a lot, you're not alone. So many of us are in a constant loop of saying “There’s not enough time.”
But… another question. What if we could stop saying that?! 
What if we could get into a mainframe where we acknowledge the reality that there is no day in which the list will be complete? 
And what if instead of that being depressing, it was incredibly LIBERATING?!
Today, let's reframe the idea that we don't have enough time. We wrote a blog post all about it. We've got 5 tips for you and in our typical fashion… a bonus tip, too. 😃 
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// What else is going on around here… 
We had our first of 3 events with Seunghee Lee yesterday on Letting Go of Perfectionism and it was perfect. 😉 A few takeaways: 
⭐️  90% of your extremely high standard is probably more than enough 
⭐️  Tackle success on a micro level 
⭐️  Know that if you're a master of ONE thing, you can do ANYTHING! (And you probably are a master of one thing already… or you're getting there… it's your instrument!) 
We've got three more events this month:
Wed. 11/16, 7pm ET - 
Seunghee Lee: Starting Your Own Project & Listening to Your Inner Voice 
Sat. 11/19, 4pm ET - 
Alban Gerhardt Cello Masterclass
Sun. 11/20, 5pm ET - 
Seunghee Lee: Conversation & Hot Seats!
Check these out and sign up to join here! 
As a thank you to all of you - and to give you a chance to get some things you've been eyeing at a great price while supporting this content, we're having the biggest sale we've ever had Nov 23–28. 50% off everything (courses, resources, 1:1 coaching and more). Bananas!
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Thanks for being here and we hope you are all THRIVING out there! 
Lastly, take a deep breath and ask yourself two more questions: 
  1. What do I want to get out of this?
  2. What stands in my way?
Have a great week, 
Tiffany, Ixi & Ted 

Ya'll loved this one! 
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2 questions to ask yourself NOW!
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