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November 2022 vol. 3

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Cutting Costs 
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I feel like a broken record, but I’m sure you’re feeling it too – inflation!  It is impacting every aspect of our life.  The most pervasive impact is energy, and more particularly diesel fuel.  Diesel is the lifeblood of our economy.  It flows through the arteries of America transporting the very THINGS that define modern life.  Diesel prices have risen 40% this year (whereas gasoline has only risen 11%) and it has taken a big toll.  Going to 5 farmers markets a week; transporting animals to and fro; picking up feed – these things add up quickly (especially at $4.50 a gallon). 
In an effort to mitigate the impact of rising diesel prices, we’ve invested in a new ride - a 2006 Dodge Caravan lovingly dubbed “The Meat Wagon''.  We’ve been using The Meat Wagon to go to the markets for about a month now and it has been a game changer.  Not only does it get better mileage than our F350 (and the fuel is $1.50 /gal less) but the whole experience has improved.  No more lifting and climbing into the back of the truck to unload the heavy coolers, and the drive itself is so much more pleasant.  I didn’t realize how fatiguing it was to drive the truck until we made a trip in the van.  Of course we still need the truck to haul cattle and feed, but by taking The Meat Wagon to the market I hope to prolong the life of the truck and save on fuel and maintenance. The truck has 250,000 miles on it so the maintenance costs are stacking up (it’s currently in the shop getting a new turbo charger). 
The Meat Wagon comes to us by way of an estate liquidation.  The previous owner had passed away and their children had no use for it.  Their car was used very little since they were an elderly couple; it only had 40,000 miles!   But the Texas sun has taken its toll.  The clear coat paint is deteriorating and the headliner is sagging.  Once we get the truck back from the shop, The Meat Wagon will undergo a facelift, perhaps even door magnets advertising our business.  So if you see The Meat Wagon rolling down the road, rest assured that we’re doing all we can to bring the best pasture raised meats to your community and managing costs while we’re at it.

New Schedule for Nov - Dec
The Pflugerville Market is moving into it's Pfestive Market Season and will no longer be open every week. We will deliver pre-orders to the market location on the days the market is closed for no extra charge. Pfestive Market dates are listed at the bottom of the newsletter.


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