The ARDA Newsletter      December 2022 
The Growth and Impact of Mobile Applications within the Rail Industry
Technology Committee Feature
By James Landavazo, Manager Economic Development
BNSF Railway Company
Today, we are surrounded with many technological advancements that assist us in our daily routines. The development of the Apple iPhone, the first realized smartphone, in 2007 had a tremendous impact in society and continues to spur changes in the way technology is developed. Part of the changes observed in technology was with the advent of mobile applications that are designed to run on mobile devices. These mobile applications have transformed the way society and business function. The development of mobile applications has placed information at our fingertips and helped businesses enhance safety, improve efficiency, and transform the customer experience. This article will examine how mobile applications are impacting the rail industry.
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Evolution of Mobile Applications
Mobile applications for smartphones have been around since 1993 mainly in the form of built-in applications such as Address Book, Calculator, Calendar, Mail, Note Pad, etc. Although these initial applications were basic, they spurred the technology sector to consider how mobile applications could evolve and be useful. The introduction of the iPhone in 2007 by Apple, initiated the growth of mobile applications. In 2008 Apple released the App Store that provided society with 522 applications, thus creating what is now a booming technology industry. The Covid-19 Pandemic further ignited mobile app development as companies pivoted to adapt to the changing environment. The sharp rise in app development was driven by limited access to purchase goods and services in person. Today, there are over 4.8 million apps available between Apple and Android devices. These apps provide the end user the ability to perform multiple functions in their daily routines. Apps can be used to read the news, order food and goods, gain directions with built in estimate time of arrival, and track shipments. With so much information and ability in the palm of our hands, it has driven businesses to make modifications to their technology road maps and consider how mobile apps can be used by employees and customers. 
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