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CODE RED for the Duffins Rouge Agricultural Preserve!
The Ontario government is preparing to revoke protection from the Durham Rouge Agricultural Preserve (DRAP). The lands shown in the map below will be re-designated as an urban growth area. 
“landowners will be expected to develop detailed plans to build housing and move forward with the project quickly. It is the government’s expectation that construction of these new homes will begin on these lands by no later than 2025, and that significant progress on approvals and implementation be achieved by the end of 2023. It is the government’s expectation that the proponents would fully fund necessary infrastructure upfront."
Call the Premiere and your MPP to protest this egregious land grab, and then submit comments via the links below: 
Proposed Revocation of the Central Pickering Development Plan 
Proposed Amendments to the Greenbelt Plan 
How can these lands be at risk again? What's the history of DRAP? Catch up on the LOOOOOOOONG story of the Ag Preserve from page 5 HERE.
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CODE RED for Carruthers Headwaters!
As part of the ongoing Envision Durham project, proposed settlement area boundary expansion maps and reports have now been released. Comments on the proposed expansion areas are now being received - HERE
The planning team acknowledges that these proposals were drafted prior to the recent provincial announcements related to Bill 23 and the erosion of the Greenbelt. The provincial announcements effectively add new land to the current supply but the impact on Envision Durham is unclear at this time. 
The map below illustrates urban expansion into the Carruthers Headwaters which citizen groups have been working hard to protect as the Greenbelt. 
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CODE RED from Bill 23!
Is your head spinning from the tornado of threats in Ontario? Ours too! Our favourite digest of risks from Bill 23 can be found HERE via Ontario Nature. 
When in doubt, call your MPP and say: Ontario is on the wrong path! Cuts to our natural places and prime farmland undermine our collective wellbeing and do little to address true housing affordability. 
Graphics below via: Ontario Nature Instagram post

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Rally to save the Duffins Rouge Ag Preserve, reject Bill 23 and the erosion of the Greenbelt!
Join in with your signs, noisemakers, and ENERGY at 1 pm on the sidewalk south of Minister Bethlenfalvy's office (alongside Kingston Rd).
We urge you to avoid parking in the plaza lot so as not to inconvenience adjacent small businesses. Please leave your car in nearby larger lots and neighbouring streets. Consider carpooling, walking, cycling, or transit, if you're able.
RSVP and share HERE
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