01. Meet Our Providers (Seeking Research Participants!)
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Rian Kyles-Stewart, FNP-C
Rian Kyles Stewart, a Family Health Nurse Practitioner, doctoral candidate at University of Massachusetts Global, and is completing her doctoral project at Holistic Wellness Solutions! 
Her research study is about reducing depression symptoms in adults while using collaborative care approach. She is seeking study participants. Eligible participants are adults enduring depression between 18 to 64 years-old. 
If you wish to sign up, please contact us at and we will put you in touch with Mrs. Stewart. 
Help expand our knowledge of depression and treatments!

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“What Matters Most: Living a More Considered Life” by James Hollis, Ph.D.
As we head into fall, I am mindful that there will be shorter days and more time to spend indoors for contemplation, or a good binge worthy show. For those of you who are ready for a more substantial reading experience, I am suggesting What Matters Most: Living a More Considered Life by James Hollis, Ph.D. 
Dr. Hollis is a Jungian analyst who penned a book devoted to the concept that despite the many challenges and complexities we face, our greatest enemy is fear. He asks readers to consider the very important relationship we have with ourselves and engage in an exploration of one of our greatest gifts-the imagination.  Hollis agrees with Jung's assertion that most of the time, "we walk in shoes that are too small for us," suggesting that most days we suffer a failure of nerve. Living as "small" is less frightening and intimidating than living large, though some people would argue living large may appear narcissistic. 
Here's a toast to living large, not out of ego, but rather encountered in the daily calling to risk being who we are. Happy reading!
-Dr. Allison Newman

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The Fear of Negative Criticism
From Holistic Wellness' Solutions Blog 
By Alicja Matusiak LISW-S PMHNP-BC
Negative criticism, or evaluation, is among the worst of all fears.
It is its own terrible form of anxiety and tears apart our self-esteem and well-being. Like an infection, this fear may spread to other areas of our lives as if our friends, coworkers, and even strangers will see the possible “truths” of these criticisms and prove the naysayers right.
The fact is, everyone has an opinion, and those aren’t facts. We can take better control over our inner landscape and allow more of what appears as constructive criticism to be internalized instead, though some of it may be hard to hear.
We can worry so much about how we’ll be perceived and received that we go down the dark path of becoming our own harshest critics in hopes that we can spot our faults and correct them before others do. This quickly becomes an exercise in futility because there is just no pleasing everyone. And why are we not pleased about ourselves? External validation is like building your esteem as a house of cards.
We can however escape from others by detaching from social media, withdrawing from society, and seeking refuge in the far nooks of nature beyond civilization. We may soon find that life demands our return, though staying off social media might be one of the healthier choices you make. While it is one possible solution, removing yourself from various social contexts may be cutting you out of your own life until there is only you—someone you may not want to be with alone.
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