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 I want you to believe in miracles because I want you to be one
 The island is simple. It's a small town so when word-of-mouth gets out about a program this amazing news travels fast.  Foundations School of Yoga and All Wellness has been servicing those from Caroline County, Easton, Annapolis and all the surrounding areas. We work with those who want to learn to teach yoga and those who just want to learn more about living a different lifestyle and become educated on ways to incorporate these methods into REAL LIFE.
Our reputation has had an abundance of referrals and positive reviews. We are back again to evoke our own local community in growing and shifting and making changes towards a positive light Thanks to this incredible local studio and it's followers of amazing teacher's students and staff we are able to search out for our next group of people who are ready to make real changes that will impact everyone around them and inspire all watching to do the same. 
We are looking for 15 men and women who:
  • Know there is something more to life then what’s currently going on
  • Want real change without forcing we learn through experience and we remember with emotion
  • Are tired of seeing their friends and family struggle and want to have the answers to help
  • Thrive in an environment that is judgment free and supported by an uplifting community
  • Want more than a certification
  • Are ready to start this spring and commit
This program is proven to help people in your community with a 100% recommendation rate. Every student's life is transformed with an abundance of knowledge and experience that is easy enough to follow but will move you emotionally into a better way of being. 
The next training we want to be our best yet so we are taking enrollment early to try and find those who need it most. Reach out to Carol, let her know why Foundations School of Wellness interests you. (410) 490 - 0440.
You will leave this school awakened in your own life with a new perspective and understanding that can guide you to a clearer, honest path to become the best version of yourself. You will also have the tools to help guide others and lead confidently on the path of life. 
“My brother got me this as a gift, and it turned out to be the greatest gift I have ever gotten”- Melanie Barney 
“I graduated 3 years ago and I still use the information I learned, especially now that my son is a teenager. Having this knowledge base has helped me tremendously” - Coral Adams
"So here is the thing.....
While I've always KNOWN that exercise is important, staying motivated can sometimes be a struggle. 
This challenge was an amazing reset for me. I wanted to share with you some of the flow down benefits
1. I'm happier, more energized and more focused.
2. I've been eating better and feeding my family better.
3. My cravings for junk food have dissipated and I have dropped weight.
4. I'm more focused and driven and disciplined with work.
4. My house is clean and organized.
5. I'm sleeping like a baby, tired at the end of the day from a day lived well." - Larissa
Think Christmas and New Years 2023 all in one! You still get to celebrate but have something so much bigger to look forward to. 
Give the gift of a down-payment or the  whole training to someone you love or yourself. 
Give you or a loved one a reason to be excited through the holidays
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get those creative juices flowing,

Carol Ibex
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