Wild one!

To your 7-month held container
 Sex & Magik 
Are you experiencing low motivation, low libido, low everything…?
Does the world seem more consumed with darkness, destruction, and depression than it does with play, love, and pleasure?
Do you find yourself questioning your existence, where we all are going, and what you can do to make the world a better place?
If you said yes to any of this, if you felt sad while reading this and believe it to be true than my SEX AND MAGIK is for you…
In the darkest hour… the sun/moon is still shining
7-month deeply held container (i.e. voxer support, 3-4 monthly 1-1s, 60-90 minute sessions)
Shadow work (past-life, karma, trauma, parts work, etc.)
Pleasure (meditation, applicable tools/techniques, movement, erotic mourning, etc.)
Intuition Bonuses: I am a gifter, co-creative coach, and in all my packages include guide bonuses 
VIP weekend in-person in ATL, GA 
Wyldx Magik Gift Intuitive Gift Basket 
$5,555 monthly/35k in total
or best, intuitive offer ;-)
Let's play!
By your side,
Dawn Wylde
Dawn has practiced and studied meditation for over 13 years. She has a Master's in Counseling Psychology (focus Depth and Eastern philosophy/ trauma informed and somatic trained). Also, she is Erotic Blueprint (TM) Coach Certified, as seen on Netflix's Sex, Love and Goop.  

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