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  1. Headphones - Available in Pink and Blue. These are fun and work well.
  2. Puffy Stickers - These are reusable and will keep your kids occupied for many trips.
  3. Writing Tablet - These are so fun, even adults love them. Just draw and then erase with one click.
  4. Doodle Board - Essentially the same as the Magna-doodles we had as kids. Fun for kids of many ages.
  5. Draw, Play, Create   - Fun art kit with a few different options including princess and dinosaurs.
  6. Paint with Water - Paint without the mess!
  7. Yoto Mini - Reese is getting this for Christmas, and I have already tried it out. I am so excited about it. Lots of free content in the app in addition to the cards available for purchase. Seems like it would be great for ages 3-9. Get 10% of purchase on with this link.
  8. Sensory Glitter Wands – Pair these with your play silk cape and you have a wand. Or simply enjoy watching the glitter fall.
  9. Sensory Bubbler - Fun to look at, particularly for kids who need a calming visual in order to slow down and relax.
  10. Usborne Lift-a-Flap Books - So many great options from Usborne, but the lift-a-flaps are interactive and also provide lots of factual information. We love these.
  11. Snack Container - We have several of these. They collapse, prevent most spills, and are easy to clean.
  12. Chewing Necklace - Our sensory kiddos need chewing necklaces in certain situations and these are a great option.
  13. Story Pal - This is very cheap version of the Yoto or Tonie box. There are numerous stories and songs saved to the device that the child can scroll through to find their favorite.
  14. Camping Coloring Book - Coloring is a favorite in the car, camping, and at home. This is a fun camping themed coloring book to get kids excited for the trip.
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