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Hi First name / friend!
It's Thanksgiving week! We are so grateful for each of you. The hope you give us is real, and it is something we try to never take for granted. 
With Thanksgiving also comes Black Friday here in the US. And instead of thinking of Black Friday as elbowing people out of the way to get the best deal on a TV, air fryer, or fancy whatever, we want to refocus this holiday. On you. And your growth.  
We want to celebrate YOU! 
So, we decided to do something we've never done before…
have a 50% off site-wide sale for every resource sheet, digital course, program, lesson, coaching and consult! 
To be honest, we're more #optoutside type people. The madness of waking up early to go shopping the day after Thanksgiving has just never been appealing. 😳 📺  In fact, Tiffany plans to be exploring a new city on vacation (Vancouver recommendations welcome); Ixi and Ted are hosting family (20 people 😯 !) and performing Elgar's Enigma Variations! 
Yet, we wanted to embrace the spirit of giving you all a chance to grab something you've been eyeing at a great price while helping support our platform. The sale will go Nov 23–28!
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And, this week, we'll be sending a few emails to your inbox with the details! So, don't delete those babies immediately. 
We thank you for being here, and being in our family! We can't think of a better way to say ‘we appreciate you’! 
Lastly, we know the holidays aren't always rosy for everyone. If you find yourself experiencing some not-so-great emotions, here's an exercise to retrain your brain. We ❤️ this: 
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What are you doing this week?  Getting on a plane, taking a long car trip?  Staying right where you are and doing a Friendsgiving?  
Someday… we'll all gather at a big table. That's our dream, at least. ♥️ 🍁 
Have a great Thanksgiving week and see you in your inbox soon! 
Tiffany, Ixi & Ted 
ps: Didn't read the blog post last week? Check our Reframing “I don't have enough time”.

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