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December 2022
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Dear First name / Friend,
Happy December! I love December for the beauty of the holidays and the fresh snow that blankets my region. But by February, trust me, I'll be over the snow and cold. 🥶🥶
In this issue of the Pegasus Journal, I want to share some thoughts and key takeaways from evaluating applications for the Eye Candy Scholarship. This isn't to call anyone out, rather, I think these will be useful to you because clients are likely look for some of the same things! 

Takeaways from the Eye Candy Scholarship Application

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1️⃣ The Photography
We were looking for inspiring work, a spark of something different in the photos people were sharing online. Many applicants had good essays, but their work was repetitive and trendy, and there needed to be a stronger point of view.
Takeaway: Do interesting work that shows your point of view - not what you think people (especially your peers) want to see. I promise you there is still room for innovation and creative thinking in this field. It takes courage to step outside the norm, but building a portfolio of interesting, unique work will also make you more desirable to clients who resonate with it.
2️⃣ The Essay
This is our second year doing this, and I have been surprised both years how many people wrote only about themselves and their competency. The essays that moved us were the ones that shared personal reasons for wanting to win and acknowledged both the mentorship and Eye Candy.
Takeaway: Be careful not to get too focused on yourself in your business. Acknowledge others, contribute to our community by being an encourager, and don't make your photography business just about you. 😉
3️⃣ The About Page
It mattered to us that the winner would fit in with the Eye Candy team, which is admittedly a little oddball. 🤪 I visited a lot "About" pages and many of them read the same, as if from a template, using words like "bond," "passion," "capture," "horse lover," etc. 
Takeaway: Your About page should feature YOUR personal story and what makes you different from others. Infuse some of your authentic self into your bio! Also, make sure your About page has a clear photo of your face. Clients love to see who they will be working with!
4️⃣ The Finalists
It took a lot of work to choose a winner as there were many amazing applicants. We were looking for someone in a sweet spot where they had enough competency to not drown in Wellington but also had room to grow. Ultimately, it came down to the essay and the personal reasons for wanting the scholarship.
Takeaway Err on the side of being personal and sharing from your heart. I do this every day in my communications. Add that personal touch, and it will be remembered.
My Personal takeaway: I will communicate our criteria better next year, so applicants can better understand what we are looking for.
Congratulations again to Becca Tolman of Impulsion Images for winning this year's Eye Candy Jumpers Photography Scholarship!

The Wings Mentorship is Full!
But you still have an opportunity to learn from me!

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I'm humbled and excited that the 2023 Wings Mentorship filled in just 3 days! 
If you missed out on this year's mentorship, but would still like to learn from me, a standalone version of the course will be available for a limited time. It includes all the lesson videos, homework assignments you can complete independently, quizzes to check your knowledge, and resources and downloads for each lesson.


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On Mondays - I teach! Follow the hashtag #sppmentoringmondays to make sure you don't miss a post! 
I also share these to my new Educational Blog, along with articles from my newsletters. 


Book: The Happiest Man on Earth. This is one of those books I just couldn't put down! It's the remarkable story of a Jewish man who survived Auschwitz. 
Article: How a Photographer with No Social Media Became a Canon Ambassador. It seems crazy for a photographer to not be sharing their work online in our social media-obsessed culture, but Jerome Gence is doing just that! One intriguing statement he makes in this article is, “…if you put all your photos online, there’s no surprise anymore, as editors see thousands of photos daily. Why would they select your work from Instagram? He believes you must create a surprise — like I have some things you have not seen before.” I'm not ready to quit social media, but this article did make me think how I could push beyond it with my marketing.
Are you using the power of story to market your business? If not, watch this video to understand why and how you should be!
Do you want a quick way to upsell a black background client from earlier in the year? Offer to turn their black background image into a holiday image by adding a digital neck wreath from photographer Katie Damon. She includes clear instructions on how to use them. I've already sold one stock photo I added a wreath to and used one for my own business Christmas card!
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I sincerely hope you are enjoying the Pegasus Journal. If you know of another photographer you think might benefit from these emails, would you consider sharing it email with them? Thank you!


And, as always, if there's anything I can do to help you grow as a photographer, please reach out by hitting reply to this email. 😊


Until next time…
Wishing you a warm and wonderful holiday season,




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