Sunday, December 4, 2022
Hello! Jessica here.  

 “What Goes Up Must Come Down.” 
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Well said, Sir. Isaac Newton.
What are you waiting for?
Interests rates …
 Seller's Big Heads to deflate?
hahaha - JK 
but not?

We all have heard the saying, and we even have jokes that talk about What Does Not Come Down (That's what she said). If you've weathered the Real Estate seasons before, we all know these times don't last. Will you let this season take you out?  Were you a “Fair Weather Realtor” to begin with?  
Real Estate isn't about market cycles. Its about Life Cycles.  And once you've mastered the cycle of life, you won't chase your next buyer down or try to talk that insane Seller off the ledge. You will see a much bigger opportunity awaiting. The next client who needs you.  When you focus on Life Cycles, study the market of seasons surrounding when people are moving, graduating college, the season of the most births (upsizing anyone?) or seasons where retirements generally happen (downsizing?), and unfortunately the times where statistically loved ones pass, there you will find where you are most needed, where you can help this next generation. If you're waiting on Interest Rates to be palatable, you are already out of the business.  
Stay Focused on WHO and their WHY, then you can be the one to figure out their HOW.  One thing is for certain, sales are happening every day.  As Maslow pointed out, Shelter will always be a basic human need & physiologic priority.  Stay Focused on your clients' Life Cycles, and you'll always have a thriving business, my friend!
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Stay tuned for more next week, my friend. :)
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