Celebrating the Magical Link Between Earth and Sky
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Vlogcast with Daniel Giamario
The Astrological and World Events 
of This Lunation
Sun in Sagittarius
by Erik Roth
Basics of Astrology Course
Released And Open For Enrollment Now
November Group Mentoring
with Daniel Giamario
Jupiter in Aries
Webinar with Daniel Giamario and Erik Roth
Pathseeker Mars 
An Online Course by Erik Roth  
December Solstice 
Two Days of TOTAMS Celebrations
All School Gathering April 2023
Open For Enrollment Soon!
with TOTAMS Founder Daniel Giamario
The Astrological and World Events of this Lunation
Joined by TOTAMS managing director Awen Labow, Daniel discusses the most important astrological events with national and global implications.  
Included in our discussion are:
1) the final Pluto conjunction to the US chart (just into the next lunation), Dec.27
2) the close of the Neptune opposition to Neptune on the US chart, Dec.3
3) the Mars square Neptune retrograde in relation to the US chart
4) Mars conjunct the US Mars, Nov.23
5) The final portion of the synodic nodal return to the stock market crash era of 1929
6) the Saturn return to the assasination of JFK in 1963, Nov.22
7) The little known Druidic "FESTIVAL OF THE RED SWORDS" at December Full Moon
You won't want to miss this one!
Sun in Sagittarius 
 by Erik Roth
The Sun makes its annual pilgrimage into the seasonal / temporal sign of Sagittarius on the 22nd of November, staying in that sign until December 21st.
This will take place at 12:20am PST, 3:20am EST with Venus and Mercury also in Sagittarius, less than 10 hours after their conjunction the day before.
The sign of Sagittarius, not the constellation, is the essence of the explorer and seeker archetype. This is the sign that seeks out truth in meaning as a quest. Sagittarius serves spirit and humanity by this seeking, exploring and blazing new trails across the land and elsewhere. The adventures and explorations are intuited through a desire for meaning, rather than the challenge or fame of it.  Meaning drives this sign ever onward.
Basics of Astrology Online Course
Released And Open For Enrollment Now! 
Monthly Group Mentoring
with Daniel Giamario
Daniel Giamario
 for the 
Most Challenging Initiatory Cycles 
of Life
November 30, 4:00-5:30pm PST
How to Understand and Apply Synastry: 
Chart Comparisons and Connections
This mentoring session will focus on comparing the connections between charts.  
This includes with spouses, partners and lovers, as well as parent/child, employer/employee, teacher/student, and friend/friend.  
Also included are the Karmic Links: past, present, and future.
Cost: $20
(Free for Premium Members, Basic Members get 50% off. Scroll down for Membership options!)
Find your Local Time:
Los Angeles, USA       Wed, Nov 30, 2022 at 4:00 pm PST
Phoenix, USA           Wed, Nov 30, 2022 at 5:00 pm MST
London, United Kingdom Thu, Dec 1, 2022 at 12:00 midn GMT
Ubud, Indonesia        Thu, Dec 1, 2022 at 8:00 am WITA
Jupiter in Aries
Webinar with Daniel Giamario and Erik Roth
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ZOOM Seminar DECEMBER 7 2022, 5:00PM PST 
or CLICK HERE to purchase the full Jupiter Series including access to this webinar!
*Free for Premium Members! Look for the course in your Member Dashboard
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For many years, all the way back to Jupiter in Cancer, the school has had yearly webinars on the movements of the “year star” Jupiter through the signs. 
Jupiter ingressed Aries temporarily May 10 2022 before retrograding back into Pisces. 
The second and final ingress into Aries will happen December 20 2022. 
Jupiter will then remain in Aries until May 16, 2023.
In this webinar, Daniel and Erik will explore the implications and intent of world dharma indicator Jupiter in the Aries Mystery School of Life. 
The past history of Jupiter in Aries will be covered. 
The purpose of the planet Jupiter and the sign of Aries will be expanded upon. Personal chart questions will also be considered:
transits, natal complexes, and especially Jupiter returns.
Pathseeker Mars
An Online Course by Erik Roth
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With 6 classes plus bonus materials, and guest appearances by Daniel Giamario, you will be initiated into Pathseeker Mars in your own life, regardless of whether you find yourself in a personal Mars transit or not.
Each class is designed to best develop your own relationship with Mars in the sky. 
While basic knowledge of astrology is helpful to take this course, it is not necessary. 
What is needed is an imagination and a desire to get to know yourself 
through a different kind of sky intitiation. 
This is about our personal journey and understanding our path.
December Solstice Offerings
Two Days of TOTAMS Celebrations
Day One – FREE
How to Read a Birth Chart
Featuring TOTAMS teacher Levi Banner, this seminar reveals the primary methodology the school uses for interpreting a birth chart. 
We will also announce the imminent arrival of the redone and updated 
"Course One: Reading a Birth Chart" 
(previously entitled "Script and Archetypes").
   This presentation offers insights into all of the major features 
of the TOTAMS approach including:
 1) the understanding of the Sun, Moon and Rising Sign
2) the 144 storylines of past and future intent
3) the importance of Venus and Mars
4) the use of the whole sign house system
5) INTENT vs determinism and prediction
6) the role of initiation beyond "good and bad"
7) a revisioned understanding of modalities and elements
8) The evolution of the Mystery Schools of Life at a Great Turning of the Ages
Day Two - by donation (allow 3h!)
Year End Fundraiser, Raffle and A Look Ahead at 2023
As as yearly tradition our school has an event including the following elements:
1)  A raffle of gifts for members
2) Meeting the Council and sharing ideas and insights
3) Following a break, Daniel and Mary Kern, 
(long time former president and chairperson of the Board), 
will offer an astrological preview of the most important cycles of 2023, 
ably assisted by Awen Labow.  
Many useful handouts for planning your year ahead will be included!
Live on Zoom
All School Gathering April 2023
Open For Enrollment Soon!
April 11-17 2023 in Oracle, AZ 
at El Rancho Robles 
(just North of Tucson)
The Turning of the Ages Mystery School is excited to announce an in-person event for all members and students of the school. The Shamanic Astrology Mystery School has had a long tradition of yearly gatherings and conferences. We have been able to secure the same venue in Oracle, AZ (El Rancho Robles) from where we had scheduled a similar event in early 2020 that had to be cancelled. 
This will be the first of these in-person events open to anyone interested in our school since the re-naming of the school to the Turning of the Ages Mystery School in July 2022, being the third wave since the school’s inception in the 1980’s.
With Dark Skies, 
Jupiter-Sun Conjunction 
and an Extreme Out-Of-Bounds Moon
The event covers six nights, allowing plenty of time for a variety of our astrologers and teachers to present on many different topics, some of them cutting edge research, as well as more beginner level material, led by Sheridan Semple. 
Our recent graduates have been invited to share their research. Presentations on Vesta, Ceres, and Pallas are likely. 
Other topics will include the eclipse paths crossing the mainland United States and the fast-approaching Lunar Standstill season. There will be plenty of topics to interest all levels of astrological background.
There will also be at least three nights reserved for night sky teaching and viewing and to experience the night sky under moonless conditions.  Above all, it’s a chance to meet other like-minded folks interested in this type of astrology.
Stay Tuned, Opening For Enrollment Soon!
TOTAMS Astrology Consultations 
Schedule a session today with one of our Certified TOTAMS Astrologers!
Thank you for your participation and support of TOTAMS,
a 501c(3) Educational Non-Profit
Totams Team 
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