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Welcome to the first Kyley Leger Marketing monthly newsletter! I envision this being a very casual space where I share a marketing tip, talk about what I'm reading {maybe business, maybe fun, or maybe growth!}, and share a little behind the scenes of my business. Very casual. 
But also, maybe show you how simple it can be to create a monthly communication to your audience. You may be a friend, client, or future clients, but I hope to create content that informs and entertains you {not like jokes, but content that keeps your attention}. I hope this newsletter can be some kind of inspiration – in business or your personal life!
Kyley Leger Marketing

I began my entrepreneur career full-time six months ago. I have enjoyed dreaming about where my business can go – from my business model, to my own marketing strategy, my strategic plan, and to my aspirational goals. 
I held multiple brand workshops for local organizations and was able to travel to Silicon Valley for one.
I created marketing materials for non-profits. Helped with sales launches and internal training guides for corporations.
Helped with social media – either with tips, editorial calendars, or posting content. I designed many event flyers and postcards. And, I've created electronic and printed newsletters.
I accomplished all of this while working from home, taking my boys to school and picking them up, and volunteering in my community. << Things on my goal list just a few years ago! ❤
looking forward to:
Some strategic planning sessions, a brand session, customer launches, and customer marketing materials.
What I'm loving:
almond milk lattes
meditating + prayer
meeting-free days
autumn color palette
With Gratitude - Kyley

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