Hello. Just to share a few messages and notes. Bullet points, easier!
1. Nope. I'm not going to talk about Malaysia's recent General Election (GE). The 'hung parliament' situation is really getting old. Malaysia still has no Prime Ministers until today. But, let's hope for the best.
2. Anyway, I'm eager to share with you that I have archived past newsletters. To all new subscribers, feel free to read them via the link on the web. I have compiled 50 past newsletters. Perhaps this newsletter will help you newcomers get to know us better. 
3. Quick one, Black Friday sale is starting today. 20% off is available for all Musotrees issues from today until November 28. No code is required. Get your discounted copies soon. 
4. Some of you might have noted about the new venture of mine I shared a few weeks ago (see: Newsletter #49). Thank you for your kind words about doer studio. I'm pleased to hear your favourable response and support. Although I may not reveal everything, it's safe to say Doer will be my anchor for all of my creative works, including Musotrees. Creating new stuff is fun! I have multiple creative interests, so I thought it would be a good idea to consolidate them under one roof to make it easier for everyone (read: potential clients) to work with me in the future. I'll be fully visible about this project in 2023. Instagram @doer.studio
5. Oh, Musotrees Vol. 10 is slowly coming to life. I really can't wait to share our 10th issue. Super excited! Can you guess what the theme will be? More updates will be posted on Instagram.
6. Yesterday, I posted on my Instagram about my top 5 favourite office moods from major brands; namely Kinfolk, VSCO, Airbnb, Friends of Friends and Kandura. Thank you for voting and answering. It seems my poll result is faster than the GE (ops).
That's all for now. Speak to you all soon.