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LOVI National, hand-embroidered in Crimson Red. Rs. 149,996.
This year, Santa can take a break. LOVI's got Christmas sorted. Whether you're shoppping for a partner, friend, or relative, LOVI's got something for everyone in this handy gift guide. Stay tuned next week for part two of our LOVI Gift Guide. 
Pictured above, the intricate details of this outfit will definitely require a closer look, perhaps in one of those mistletoe moments? That bold shade of red. The floral embroidery. Those hints of gold. See the delicate border that lines the sarong and the golden-stud collar. This confident look is for the fashion-forward friend who thrives in glamorous environments.
This outfit not so much roars but purrs with quiet confidence and is best gifted to the shy cousin. This look plays with duality. Zoom in to see the linen which is comfortable to wear and the cuffs featuring golden-beaded palm leaves, giving it that extra zing. We can customise this look in crimson red, emerald green, navy blue, and midnight black. 
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LOVI Embroidered Linen Shirt and Sarong in Tan. Available in multiple colours. Rs. 39,996.
Don't be fooled by the sarong's cool white lines or its laidback nature. A classic look for holiday luncheons, this unisex sarong is for that quiet uncle or aunty who, on the third glass of arrack, is ready to talk Sri Lankan politics. Customise it in green, red, or black and you're ready for everyone to hear your rendition of Sumihiri Pane. 
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LOVI Woven Check Sarong in Navy Blue. Available in multiple colours. Rs.14,996.
Gift this handloom rayon silk sarong that comes in multiple colours to the person that does it all. Picture it. Christmas Eve. Presents under the tree. A piping hot roast chicken on the table. And the host(ess) with the most(ess)? In a LOVI Tuxedo Sarong of course. Functional (it has a pocket to stash a phone) and also chic (a cord belt with gold or silver aglet finish). This outfit says, “Enjoy yourself. But please leave by 11pm. I need my beauty sleep.” 
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LOVI Tuxedo Sarong in Crimson Red. Available in multiple colours. Rs. 19,996.
Capture the Christmas spirit with LOVI. Click here for the complete Christmas collection.
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