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Your Healing Story is a Love Story: The Origin Story
Welcome to my new blog: Your Healing Story is a Love Story.
Can you just sit with this blog name for a moment? How does this name feel in your heart? Your bones? Your flesh?
When I first thought of this name, a feeling of joy and wholeness washed over my body.
By early August this year, I knew I was going to transition my Substack-based blog, The Healing Hype, to another blog directly on my website. I wasn’t sure if I’d keep the name The Healing Hype or if it would just be a nameless blog. As I wrote in my last post on The Healing Hype, my main incentive was to simplify. But with this simplification arrived a name I am beyond in love with! I hadn’t necessarily planned to have a theme, but I feel my work folds into this so beautifully.
But how did it come to be?
It all started with this tweet and its first reply.
i'd love to hear what you think! please Reply and let me know.
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