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Greetings and Gratitude! I hope you're healthy, well, and finding ways to center yourself this season.
A couple of weeks ago, I posted a few tips on LinkedIn about intentionally infusing more gratitude practices into how we lead. While this time of year can often naturally bring a sense of gratitude and reflection, I want to use this prime newsletter real estate space :-) to thank YOU for the role YOU have played in LD. Whether you're a current or past client, an LD contributor, a previous colleague, or a general supporter… THANK YOU!
Thank you for your referrals, social media shares and comments, replies and suggestions for this newsletter, and encouragement and support of me. Literally you taking a moment to read these words right now (in what I know is a busy time!)… I don't take any of it lightly and it genuinely keeps me going, and doing, and creating, and growing.
Before I take a bit of time away to restore, reflect and recharge (see “LD Update”) below, I had to thank YOU for the role you play in LD's community. It matters and I'm grateful. Deep gratitude to you. In this season AND always.  
Below are a few nuggets to close out the year, but mostly I wish you joy, health, wellness, rest! …And of course, more liberation as we wrap up the year!
Thank you and happy holiday season!
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Take good care! 
See you next YEAR!🎉
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