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C3’s Monthly Download is a monthly roundup of important C3 updates, valuable resources, and training opportunities for Administrative Staff, Priests, Sisters, Parish Leaders, Teachers, Principals, and ACC Staff.

This is a special quarterly IGNITE Edition with C3 IGNITE Grant Program updates.
 Monthly Rundown

In every issue, you will find a table of contents listed below with the top updates and who it is for.
  • Sprint to T-Mobile Migration Follow-up - (IGNITE Schools)
  • Device Warranty Submissions - (IGNITE Schools)
  • School Administrator Changes - (IGNITE Schools)
  • New C3 IGNITE Resource Website Coming Soon - (IGNITE Schools)
  • iPadOS 16 is Now Available! - (IGNITE Schools)
Updated Events
CIPA Compliance Document Submission Due Date for all Schools:
  • December 2, 2022
  • December 6, 2022
  • 3:30 pm PT
  • December 8, 2022
  • 3:30 pm PT
Top Updates

Sprint to T-Mobile Migration Follow-up - (IGNITE Schools)

C3 IGNITE iPads should now be connected to and be able to enjoy the benefits of T-Mobile’s larger, faster, and more robust network! 

Some schools are being asked to work with the C3 IGNITE Support team to follow-up on devices that may not have completed the migration. Please respond to support team requests and update iPads in a timely manner. Though devices may appear to work as normal on Wi-Fi, it is imperative to the participation in the C3 IGNITE Program to ensure LTE data is active and operational for non-Wi-Fi use.

Schools can confirm that iPads are active on the T-Mobile network by going to Settings > General > About > Network: T-Mobile. It is also recommended that administrators turn Wi-Fi off and browse the web on the LTE service.

Any devices that do not show T-Mobile in the Network or cannot browse the web, should report the issue to the ACC Ticketing System (click here to access) > Help Topic: C3 IGNITE: Troubleshooting > Include device details such as Serial Number, Workspace One username and IMEI and note issue is related to the T-Mobile Network Migration.

Device Warranty Submissions - (IGNITE Schools)

This is a friendly reminder that when schools submit C3 IGNITE: Device (Warranty) tickets in the ACC Ticketing System, all damaged or defective devices should be returned to the ACC. Be sure to remove all cases and include a paper copy of the ticket’s Warranty spreadsheet inside the shipping package.

School Administrator Changes - (IGNITE Schools)

Keep your school's C3 IGNITE contacts up to date!

If your school experiences a change in Principal, Tech Lead or other C3 IGNITE Administrator, please be sure to notify the C3 IGNITE Support team to ensure Mobile Device Management access is appropriately added or removed. New administrators will be offered training and C3 IGNITE Program overviews.

 New login requests, password resets or other Mobile Device Management changes should be directed to the ACC Ticketing System (click here to access) > Help Topic: C3 IGNITE: ASM/WS1 Login.

New C3 IGNITE Resource Website Coming Soon - (IGNITE Schools)

We have an exciting update! C3 is hard at work creating a new C3 IGNITE Resource page on the C3 Resource Website. Every resource, common task, how-to video, document, training support, and the ACC Ticketing System will be in one easily accessible place. Keep your eyes peeled and mark your calendars for January, 2023! 

iPadOS 16 is Now Available! - (IGNITE Schools)

Apple recently launched the iPadOS 16 and there are plenty of benefits! See what’s new here.

Keeping your C3 IGNITE iPads on the latest iOS is essential to maintaining security and optimal operation of the device. A minimum iOS of 15.6.1 was required by the C3 IGNITE Program in early September, 2022. Schools should continue to work to confirm all devices have met this iPadOS security condition.

If you need any assistance related to iOS pushes in Workspace One, go to the ACC Ticketing System (click here to access) > Help Topic: C3 IGNITE: Instructional. Include your school’s name, city and note inquiry is related to iOS updates.

An update of 16.1.1 is also available to address a Wi-Fi bug that could cause random disconnects, with some users unable to stay connected to their Wi-Fi networks.
C3 Spotlight

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  • Sprint to T-Mobile Migration Follow-up
  • Device Warranty Submissions
  • School Administrator Changes
  • New C3 IGNITE Resource Website Coming Soon
  • iPadOS 16 is Now Available!