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“The question before us is how we will plant the seeds of a peaceable economy. There is no more fundamental place to start than with how we grow food, how we feed ourselves and one another, how we relate to and care for the land.” Woody Tasch
We extend our gratitude for helping us promote Greenwich Food System Forum 2022! 
The thread that tied each forum together was the importance of fostering relationships 
and connectivity among community based organizations. Network building was at the heart of every discussion! Thank you for having faith in us and for helping us grow in our fist year. GFSF was made possible because of the support we received from the panelist and our partners. We appreciate your valuable contribution! 
~ Thank You ~ 
Ali Ghiorse + Sarah Coccaro
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Dawn M. Spears, Narragansett/Choctaw
Medium: Watercolor, Ink
Copyright: 2021 Dawn Spears| Dawn Spears Portfolio | Dawn Spears Facebook