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Happy Monday First name / friend!
James Clear has a great quote we posted yesterday… “Unheroic days can make for heroic decades.”
Every day can feel like such a minimal push to achieving your goals. It feels like you need to do MORE. You need to be heroic, every day. Sometimes, it feels like progress is so freaking slow, it is non existent. It’s up and down. There are highs and lows. It’s frustrating. It can be hard to put in perspective how it is all adding up. 
But question for you… how would your relationship to practice and performance change if your goal shifted from the specific to the process itself? What if your reward was just showing up?
Sure, it’s nice to nail the competition, win the thing, get into the school. And it’s imperative to have goals. But developing a healthy relationship with the process is more important.
Let’s explore this in the blog post today! READ: 3 ways to focus on the process and not the result! 👇 
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Now, let’s talk briefly about December… it really covers an array of emotions for many! Stress, joy, anxiety, celebration…
There are applications, gigs, juries, recitals, final exams, grading, too many desserts… how do we stay sane and take care of the COMPLETE US during these times?!
We have 2 resources for you!
#1: Check out these video lessons in our Thrive library! 
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#2: Come to 2 free meditation sessions Ixi is leading in December!
Let's get our mind right during a busy time! 
  • Wed, Dec 21, 10am ET  Winter Solstice Meditation & Reflection
  • Sat, Dec 31, 10am ET  Turning the Page Meditation & Preparation
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Wishing you lots of strength and happiness in the coming week!
Ixi, Tiffany & Ted
pps: Take a deep breath and give yourself a high five. You're doing freaking great. 

Join the free December meditation sessions!
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