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Read more to understand how to prepare your business' HR strategies for 2023, learn about the 12 days of CHRistmas and get set with workplace health and safety templates.
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Annual Rate Increases
The Department for Work and Pensions has recently published its annual rate increases for 2023/2024, which will take effect in April 2023.
The statutory maternity, paternity, adoption, shared parental and parental bereavement rate of pay will increase to £172.48 per week (previously £156.66). 
The rate for statutory sick pay will also increase, and will now be £109.40 per week (previously £99.35).
The annual elevation to the minimum wage and national living wage are as follows:-
  • 23+ - £10.42 (previously £9.50)
  • 21-22 - £10.18 (previously £9.18)
  • 18-20 - £7.49 (previously £6.83)
  • 16-17 - £5.28 (previously £4.81)
  • apprentices - £5.28 (previously £4.81)
The accommodation offset will now be £9.10 per day (previously £8.70).
How to Prepare for 2023
It's fast approaching the end of 2022, and as we welcome in a new year, it's the perfect time to discuss HR trends and strategies for 2023! After all, staying ahead of the curve in human resources brings high rewards and stability for your business during turbulent times. 
For small businesses, 2023 needs to identify where your precious time, energy and finances are best invested for the most significant impact on your organisation. The best way to survive challenging circumstances as a small business is to be at the forefront of identifying trends and areas of concern. 
We're here to help highlight the best HR strategies to bring you into 2023 with a bang! Download your how-to guide below.
Brits Able to Request Flexible Working From Day One
The government has announced new plans to allow employees to have more power over their working conditions, making flexible working the new default from day one.
Following the pandemic, flexible working has become a new norm for many, and it's not going anywhere soon! With wide-ranging benefits to both employer and employee, the government has recognised that flexible working is different for every employee, employer, and sector.

Breathe HR
If your holiday year is coming to an end and renewing for January, there are certain steps you need to take to complete your holiday year in the Breathe HR platform.
Depending on whether you allow carryover of unused holiday there might be some adjustments you need to make. Breathe has created the following guide to help you identify the steps you need to take to finish your holiday year correctly. 
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Workplace Health and Safety
One of the most important aspects of your responsibilities as a small business owner is ensuring the safety of your employees. Putting in place an effective safety culture within your organisation is vital to provide a safe working environment and ensuring you adhere to a multitude of safety rules and regulations. 
It can be easy to view health and safety as the party pooper in the HR toolbelt; however, it is actually a complex blend of aligning attitudes, beliefs and values throughout your organisation and ensuring the collaboration of each and every one of your employees - starting with yourself. 
Click the link below to locate your workplace health and safety checklist. 
Welcome to the 12 Days of CHRistmas!
In the weeks leading up to Christmas, whilst some may be merry and joyful, others may be overwhelmed and underprepared for the trials and tribulations of the holiday season. 
Last month we discussed the HR challenges surrounding the work Christmas party; however, a whole host of HR-related issues need to be considered during the festive period, from weather conditions to Christmas bonuses. 
Read our blog here to learn more about the 12 Days of CHRistmas.
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