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I have been asked quite a bit lately what it is like being a psychic.  I am not sure there is an easy answer to this for I have never known anything differently. First, I guess I want to explain what “psychic” means.  As most of you know I am a psychic-medium, which is different than a ‘psychic’ because I also see and communicate with spirit.
Basically a psychic sees, feels, hears, taste, and smells things beyond the 6 senses.  Psychics have the ability to read or understand energies that most people do not understand or sense. For example, I see auras and when I “read” an aura I can see and feel you!  I feel and/or see your experiences, pain, joy, history, beliefs. This allows me to use this information to help people move forward in their lives and get past energy that may be blocking them or keeping from living their best life.
Now there are some psychics and psychic-mediums who want you to believe they and their gifts are unique and special and they are to them, however being psychic is not special or unique at all for everyone is born with psychic ability. Unfortunately, most people’s psychic abilities shut down by school age for too many people tell us that we imagined things or that we are making things up and we stop believing and trusting in ourselves and our gifts therefore shutting those gifts off.  The good news is that you can always reconnect with those gifts you were born with.
Twice a year I teach three levels of Intuitive Development and recently one of my students in my level 1 class asked, “what would we use these abilities for if we do not want to do psychic readings for people?” You do not have to be a “professional” psychic to use your abilities. Intuition can guide you through life, help you make smarter decisions, and help you navigate relationships. By trusting your intuition, you can flow through life easier and with more confidence.
Our world is so much larger than what most perceive and when you tap into your intuition you sense so much more around you. Do you trust your intuition?  Do you trust that gut feeling you get when you enter a building or are around other people? Are you even aware of what your psychic abilities are? You do not need to depend on psychics to find answers, everything you need is inside of you, you just need to learn to tap into it and more importantly trust it!
If you are interested in learning more consider signing up for my level one class beginning in April.  To find out more visit my website at
Pat Laurino
Intuitive Energy Healer/Psychic and Spiritual Medium
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Upcoming Drumming Circle
The next drumming circle will be January 8, 2023. 
Hope to see you then.
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Upcoming Workshops in 2023
  • Nature Spirits - Who are they and how can we support them?
  • Sacred Geometry - What is it and how does it play a part in our lives?
  • Ho'oponopono - What is it and how does it heal us?
  • Crystal Workshop - Learn about some of my favorite crystals.
More information will be posted soon!