Woah! When did 2023 happen?
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I always wonder how long into January is it okay to still wish everyone ‘Happy New Year’? 
Is it still acceptable after the first week has passed in a flash? I'm going to gamble here, and say it's absolutely fine as long as you're still in the first half of January and since we still are….
Was your Christmas amazing? Has Santa been good to you? 
I hope you had the best time and that despite wanting presents you still were a bit naughty!
I‘ve been busy writing (as you’ve probably guessed) a new series
I know, I know super exciting, it's still top secret and if you're part of my Facebook group you've probably seen some snippets.
 This has a sexy, angry, tattooed, mafia boss that will have your panties melting and a heroine who's antics will have you laughing out loud. 
Although this series will be darker and a bit violent (I will list all the trigger warnings ahead and also at the beginning of the book) I hope you'll still give it a chance, and if you do - I promise you you'll get that Jo flare you love. Who says dark books can't have humour in them? Not me!
I'm expecting to publish the first book in the series soon but haven't set a pre-order up yet (I need to find the perfect cover and it's been so hard!!!! - If you're a cover designer let me know and we could maybe work together?? ). I'll let you know as soon as I do!
I also wanted to thank you for making Frost My Cookie such an amazing success. I can't believe how much love Hayden and Tasha received! 
It makes me so happy to read all your reviews and emails ❤ keep em coming!
That's it for now!
I've got some cool free books for you below and some not so free books that are equally as cool.
Click on the covers to check them out if you dare!
Stay SEXY!
 Jo xoxo

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