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We are here to help you get Skin Cycle Savvy! As you might know - Skin Cycling has been blowing up on Tik Tok and in the media, which is sooooooo exciting because it brings attention to what YOU do, and what you have to offer as a Beauty Consultant! We have started working on some tools to help you educate your clients and work with them on their Skin Cycling regimen! Shout out to NSD Vicki Auth for inspiring this project and Pink Cadillac Director Whitney Wemhoff for creating the content. We have even more tools in the works that we will be releasing in the New Year to help you create those Customized Care Plans & hold your Skincare Consultations. If you have any specific ideas or tools you want to see, please let us know by filling out our Ideas Form. I wanted to get you some of the Skin Cycling tools to start off with today and then I am shifting gears a bit to finish up the 2023 Planner for you this week! We have LOTS of projects we are working on for you going into the New Year that we are really excited about! 
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Skin Cycling Flyer
This flyer gives you a great overview of what to do each day during you and your client's skin cycling routine. You can use the first page as a generic version to send as an image or print out. The next page allows you to add your client's name and customize it to the specific products you have put them on, or recommended after their consultation with you! You will just edit the bullet points with THEIR specific order of application 🙌
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Skin Cycling Images & Stories
There are so many ways you can use these gems! People need info in a bite size format these days. Using social images and story images are a great way to educate your audience in a way that they will respond to. 
For the social images, you can:
  • Post them individually.
  • Post them together as a carousel post {a post containing more than one photo where your audience can swipe through each image to read them}.
  • Send them to your clients individually if they have a specific questions about one of the cycle days.
  • Include them in an educational email to your clients.
  • Post them to promote a skin cycling event or class you have coming up.
For the story images, you can:
  • Post them individually.
  • Post them all at once as a series.
  • Post them along with a short video of you talking about…
    • What skin cycling is
    • Promoting a skin cycling event or class you have coming up soon
    • Promoting your consultation services
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Skin Cycling Invitation
This editable invitation can be used to invite guests for virtual or in person skin cycling events or classes. You can use it as an image or you can use the 4 to a page option to print and hand out. 

Don't forget to utilize all of our Christmas & New Year tools that are on our site! Head to our Gallery and scroll down the the Seasonal section towards the bottom of the page. 

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