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Dec. 9-Dec. 16
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FBI Hate Crime statistics
The recently released 2021 FBI hate crime statistics suggest there was an overall decrease in hate crimes and antisemitism across the United States, but deeper examination of the statistics reveal an incomplete story. Although 2021 saw the third highest number of reported hate crimes in the past decade, the number of participating law enforcement agencies was the lowest in the past 20 years, with only 63% departments sharing data with the FBI. Some of the nation’s largest law enforcement agencies were among those that did not report, including states with high Jewish populations. Many organizations therefore believe antisemitism is vastly underrepresented in the new report. 

Many states have reported their own hate crime statistics and recorded an increase in 2021, findings of which are supported by the statistics shared by organizations such as the ADL.
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  • “Human Rights” - Related to numerous discussions including Israel's incoming government, the United Nations, and Palestine.
  • “hate speech,” “Black people” - Related to discussions on the rise of antisemitism online and how this breeds more hate speech.
  • “#fifaworldcup” - Throughout the 2022 FIFA World Cup, calls to “Free Palestine” have been popular especially among Arab countries.
  • “innocent people,” “#iranrevolution,” “#mahansedarat,” “#مهسا_امینی” - Related to ongoing protests in Iran. Many are comparing the actions of Iran to the Gestapo.
  • “#israel,” “#palestine,” "occupied West Bank," “apartheid state” - Related to discussion of Israel-Palestine.
  • “#imagainstantisemitism” - Grassroots campaign to raise awareness of antisemitism on Twitter.
  • “President Biden” - Related to President Biden creating an interagency group to develop a national strategy against antisemitism.
  • “Nick Fuentes” - White supremacist and Holocaust-denier who is still being discussed in the context of his dinner with former President Donald Trump.
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Twitter CEO Elon Musk sparked conversation around COVID-19 this week after he tweeted, “my pronouns are Prosecute/Fauci.” While many people condemned Musk for the tweet, a larger group of Twitter users amplified his message throughout the week by comparing the COVID-19 vaccine to the Holocaust. One tweet in particular, which received over 60,000 likes, called for “Nuremberg trials for the entire US Covid-19 Mafia.” This trend continued throughout the week with the hashtag #nuremberg2, a reference to a second Nuremberg Trials.

Hate Speech

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Harassment in Online Multiplayer Games
The rates of harassment experienced by American online gamers has increased for the fourth consecutive year, according to a new ADL report. A growing body of research is finding the connection between the failure to moderate hate in online video games and the normalization of extremist ideologies. Millions of Americans play online multiplayer games every day, making these communities significant spheres of influence.
  • Young Gamers aged 10 to 17:
    • Two-thirds experience harassment (66%).
    • 15% were exposed to white supremacist ideologies, making gaming the second largest platform for this rhetoric after social media.
    • 30% of all gamers say that they always hide their identity while playing.
  • Adult Gamers aged 18 to 45:
    • More than 4 out of 5 experience harassment (86%).
    • 20% were exposed to white supremacist ideologies, and 10% reported experiencing Holocaust denial or distortion.
    • Jewish gamers experienced the largest increase in identity-based harassment, increasing from 22% in 2021 to 34% in 2022.

Study on Antisemitism in Texas
The Texas Holocaust, Genocide, and Antisemitism Advisory Commission (THGAAC), which was charged to “help identify and root out antisemitism and ensure that all Texans are able to exercise their religious freedom without fear” by the Texas Legislature, released the first-ever study of antisemitism in Texas. FCAS contributed to the report and helped analyze social media data related to Texas. The report analyzes recent and historical accounts of antisemitism in Texas, demonstrates how antisemitism is becoming a bigger issue in Texas, and recommends the following actions be adopted by Texas to combat antisemitism:
  1. Antisemitism training at universities
  2. Expanded Holocaust education
  3. Adopting the IHRA Definition of Antisemitism
  4. Increased access to Holocaust-related books
  5. Increased connections to law enforcement
  6. Creating a grant program to help religious organizations strengthen their security
  7. Consider legislation to prohibit BDS at state-funded colleges and universities
  8. Improve legislative awareness so lawmakers can stay informed
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