Join us New Years Eve 
with Bubbles, Caviar and Live Jazz Music!
If you are looking for a pre-midnight event so you can be in bed early, (hi, it's us), or a get together before the main party - look no further! Each reservation includes a caviar tasting, a glass of Piccinin, Muni Arione Metodo Classico & live jazz. Enjoy our common spaces and tour the hotel while sipping on bubbly, enjoying caviar, and listening to live jazz by Miss Candice. This is a standard reservation which lasts 1.5 hours with our full Parlor menu also available for purchase.
Additional Details on what is included with your reservation, 

2018 Daniele Piccinin Metodo Classico
We couldn’t have asked for a more luxurious, perfect wine to pair with caviar and welcome the New Year. The 2018 Daniele Piccinin Metodo Classico easily delights in the same ways Champagne does. Of course, we wanted to showcase an Italian sparkling to match our all-Italian Parlor selections. Notes of rich pear, subtle dried herbs, and silky, opulent bubbles are balanced by vivid acidity that come from the native Durella grape, a perfect candidate for making high-end bubbly. We know you’ll enjoy it as much as we do!

Premium Sturgeon Caviar
-The American Sturgeon Caviar is a fine tasting and good looking Caviar. This Caviar has a smooth buttery taste, freshly derived from the midwest, and also commonly called the Shovelnose Sturgeon, our clients find this Caviar one of the best selections in the Market. 

American Paddlefish Caviar
-Paddlefish Caviar, also called Spoonbill Caviar, is bold and gorgeous. This Caviar has good sized pearls, coloured from medium grey to a stunning platinum.

-She has become known as the City Slicker with Southern Charm. Having lived many previous lives between NYC and NC, her passions for vintage glamour and the modern worldly woman find their home in performing Jazz. A muse usually musing, cabaret performer and vocalist, Miss Candice

-Sergio Grossi is a producer, composer, and pianist based out of Durham, NC. He loves to listen to Ahmad Jamal, Billie Holiday, and Charlie Parker.