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First name / Friend, we're almost there, a fresh new year for all of us.
This month we have celebrations, collaborations and creative links to help you move into the new year with intention.

Thank you for being here on this journey with us, we're wishing every single one of you a healthy, happy and creative new year!
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Celebrations 💛
This month we celebrated the end of another year of creativity here at 64MA and the beginning of a new one. We spent the afternoon wandering around the festive markets together and enjoyed a rather spectacular sunset while sipping mulled beverages.

We're looking forward to the adventures that 2023 brings us all!
Boost your teams this January
In just under 24 hours we'll be kicking off the new year with The January Challenge.
31 creative challenges in 31 days.

Many leaders use The January Challenge to boost wellbeing in the workplace during what can be a hard month for many employees.

As an example of how we bring creativity to work is that we select one creative challenge to begin our weekly team meeting. It's a more meaningful way of checking in with others beyond the “How are we all today?”.

There's always so many thoughtful conversations that come out of setting a simple two minute creative challenge.

Want to try it yourself? Sign up below to receive our free Champions Pack and access all 31 creative challenges so you can plan ahead, and pick which prompts might work within your team.
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Things we'd like to share on creativity, wellbeing at work and culture:
  1. However drastically technology continues to redefine our roles and reshape our future, the need for creativity will stand.
  2. Lin-Manuel Miranda sat down with Adam Grant to talk about the creative process, and there is one insight that is critical for everyone to understand with regard to their career. And that, specifically, is space. A great one to listen to one a solo wintry walk.
  3. "Many people will say 'I wish I was creative' but EVERYBODY has something within them that they can create. It's about breaking the rules and making new ones." Our founder Jo Hunter shares what's truly meaningful about creativity with Ben Jackson on BBC Sounds (12 minutes in)
  4. New year's resolutions don't seem to work. We like to cosy up with the free resource from YearCompass to take time to reflect and move into the new year with intention.
💡 Read, watched or listened to something that speaks to the power of creative thinking and living or cultivating a great working culture? Please forward it to to share in a future newsletter links roundup.
Until next month,
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from the team at 64 Million Artists
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