Dear Friends,
As you already know, my retiring didn’t quite work out the way I expected. I did make an honest effort, but then this story line pestered me awake and kept up at night with scenes running through my imagination. Before I knew it, I was in front of the computer again, and the best part was that I was happy. The lesson here is that I’m happiest when I’m writing.
The challenge for 2023 is to find the balance between writing and everything else. Wayne and I are starting the year off with a cruise from South Africa to Brazil with lots of sea days. Time for us to relax and unwind after the busy, rushed holidays. Once we’re back home I’ll be starting a new Christmas story. Yup, I had this really good idea for another holiday story, and I am eager to sit back down in front of that computer once again.  
May your New Year be filled with happy anticipation for all that this fresh new year will hold.
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