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january SPOTLIGHT 
Happy New Year! We are excited to introduce our new Monthly Promo Package! Each month we will have our Monthly Announcement page(s) AND a Promo Image Package that you can use to share the company's promotions with your Team, Unit or just to have on hand for yourself! Each promo will have its own image and you can save all of them as JPEGs straight from our site, or you can use the Canva template and edit them. We have even given you the option to add your photo or Team/Unit/Area Logo to the image to personalize it and keep it on brand with your organization!  
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We have also created an image that you can use to promote the Mary Kay Customer App. Use this Image to encourage your clients to order with you using the Mary Kay App. In the image you can drop your picture, name and state info into the first template or you can use the generic 2nd image. You can also edit the reward at the top of the image if you want to gift them with a % off, a different item or take the incentive out all together.
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New January Connection Card Option
We have added an additional Scratch Off option to our January Connection Card! We will include this new option for each month's card this year! The Scratch Off option allows you to order scratch off stickers from Amazon that you simply just put over the text on the card that says what they have won and they scratch it off to reveal their prize! The Card is editable in Canva so you can change it to say whatever you would like. Here is a link to the Scratch Off Stickers that we have already ordered to text out for you so we know that it works correctly:
We have also created an editable Canva Landing Page for the QR Code versions of the Connection Cards. Right now when someone scans the QR Code on one of the Connection Cards it takes them to a generic landing page that explains what they have won. If you would like to use the QR Code option but want the landing page to offer something different, or just want to add your contact info to the page, you can now do so! We give you instructions in the Connection Card Canva template on how to do this. 
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Our January Spotlight Page is live and features the following:
  • January Announcements
  • Updated Golden Rule Recognition
  • New Year Connection Card and coordinating Sticker
  • January Recognition Templates
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