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Merry Christmas! I truly hope the magic of Christmas visits each and everyone of you, especially for those like me who struggle with this holiday, may love and light surround you on this day!  This time of year is difficult for many reasons.  Partly because it reminds me of the people, I have lost who loved this time a year and always made Christmas very special and festive and two because it reminds me that another year is coming to an end and yes, I am one of those people who always feels a sense of loss when a year is ending, but I also feel a sense of excitement about a new year and new beginnings.
I have been asking myself what do I want 2023 to bring me? What do I want to bring into 2023 and what do I want to release in 2022? I have a tradition where I journal just about every day, I never go back and reread my journals for my journals are more my “dumping” ground, I write about things I want to release. On the last day of the year I take my journal or journals depending on how much I have written about and burn them.  Releasing all my “stuff” in the old year so I don’t carry it into the new year.
It is my way of setting myself up for a new beginning, releasing the old so I can be open to the new.  I am not one to make New Year Resolutions, in fact I truly don’t believe in them.  But I do believe in setting new intentions for my new year.  What do I want to bring into the new year? What do I want to gain in the new year? And how can I DO better in the new year?
I always try to be a better version of me every day, but a new year is even more powerful its like giving me a do-over! Do you feel that way? What are things you would like to release in 2022? What would you like to gain in 2023? I am looking forward to the blessings 2023 holds for each and everyone of us and I am ready to embrace those blessings, are you?
So, as you gather with family and friends or even if you are alone, I hope the magic of Christmas speaks to you and helps you find inner peace.  And may you step into the new year opened to receive all the good the Universe has to offer you!  After all you all deserve the best life!
May the magic of Christmas shine upon you and your families!
Pat Laurino
Intuitive Energy Healer/Psychic and Spiritual Medium
Upcoming Drumming Circle
The next drumming circle will be January 8, 2023. 
Hope to see you then.
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Upcoming Workshops in 2023
  • Nature Spirits - Who are they and how can we support them?
  • Sacred Geometry - What is it and how does it play a part in our lives?
  • Ho'oponopono - What is it and how does it heal us?
  • Crystal Workshop - Learn about some of my favorite crystals.
More information will be posted soon!