Solstice Greetings, First name / my friend!   
Here we are on the day that marks the turning from Fall to Winter. The day with the most darkness in our waking hours.  Which also means we are moving into gradually longer days starting tomorrow.  I don't know about you, but that matters… sunshine (which we see very little of in the winter where I live) and daylight make a difference in my mood and energy.  
As I feel the heaviness of this time of year, I feel the call to slow down, to go within, to “hibernate” a bit… it's what we're meant to do.  If we can give ourselves the grace and space to do so, it's a nice way to nourish and nuture ourselves.  It's a good time to connect with yourself and lean into what matters most to you.  
With the bustle of the outer world during the holidays, it can be hard to stay in touch with these deeper priorities.  I did a little journaling about it this morning and here's what I got: 
Just love.  Just peace.  Just ease, joy, and connection.  Let me rest here, with these as my guiding forces.  That is what matters most… Let it be enough. Let it soften me.  Let it embrace me.  Let it hold me - this loving peace and connection to what truly matters.  
My invitation to you: 
On this day of the Winter Solstice, I invite you to take a moment to pause and reflect… what matters most to you?  Embrace the time of darkness and what it offers you as it wraps you up.  What are the gifts in the contrast of dark and light?  What is the promise of returning light? What does it offer you?  
Take time to reflect.  Take time to be.  Take time.  And take nothing for granted.  
This week's meditation is What Matters Most - 12 minutes to pause, reflect, and be with yourself. 
My SoundCloud library has many meditations that can support you around this week's theme. Check it out and see what resonates with you!  
I'm very excited to let you know that Joanne Richards, founder of Hearts at Work Family Recovery,  Paula Browne, and I will once again be offering an Inspired Hearts ITC group.  This group begins in January and will be on Wednesday evenings (7:30 - 9 PM Eastern). 
The Invitation to Change brings together compassion and evidence-based practices to support family members of people with substance use disorder (or really any mental health issue that includes problematic behaviors).  This “revolutionary” approach has been around for over 2 decades and thankfully is becoming more and more widespread.  Within this program, people are finding new ways to build relationship with their loved one, to take care of themselves, while also being part of creating an environment that is conducive to change.  
How I wish I had know the ITC 20 years ago! I can't imagine how different our lives might be today.  Grateful to know it now, to practice it myself, and to be able to share it with other family members.  If this interests you, please check it out and join us!  All the details are here.  
💜 Come Home to Yourself: Women's Renewal Retreat 🌸
July 20-23, 2023 at Light on the Hill Retreat Center, Van Etten, NY
Save the date for this beautiful retreat...
  • Savor the sweetness of summer
  • Immerse in deep self-care that comes from honoring yourself  
  • Slow down and quiet down as you connect with your inner wisdom.  
  • ​Sink into the powerful practices of meditation, journaling, & silence...
  • We will step away from life's busy-ness and activity for 4 special days
Carol Moon will be offering yoga throughout the weekend
Early bird registration coming soon!  Stay tuned! 
Wishing you time for what matters most,