Hello First name / My Friend
I hope you've been well!  It's been a really long time (well over a year!) since my last E-Letter. There is so much to catch up on, but here's the quickie version…
  1. Sizes will not be restocked. I am not doing anymore ordering of Truli Wetsuits or product development. And unfortunately, there are no more plus size wetsuits left (as in size 18+ generally speaking). There are lots of reasons for this, which I'll go into in my 2022 recap in the new year.  Here's the latest Size Availability:  What's in stock?
  2. YEAR END SALE. Today until Dec 31st, 2022. Huge discounts (limited sizes). Scroll down to see the options and then reply back what you're interested in. Once we confirm the styles and sizes, I'll send over an invoice and get going on shipping!
  3. Please RE-SELL your Truli Wetsuits! Get your Truli out of the closet and post it on Sisterhood of the Travelling Wetsuit Facebook buy/sell group. There are buyers from around the world who need your wetsuit and that's where I am sending them if their size is out of stock!
  4. Review Truli Wetsuits. I've set up a new Google My Business Review and I'd love for you to tell everyone about your experience with your Truli!
Okay, that's it for now!  I'll be diving into all the news (including why I am not ordering anymore inventory) in my 2022 re-cap in the new year.  A big, huge, sincere THANK-YOU for being a fan, customer, and friend!  
Yours Truli,
Mia Toose
4 wetsuits
2 wetsuits
big discount