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Oh the excitement of the new year, and the clean-slate it promises!
There's always a swirl of New Year goal and challenge chatter right about now, and honestly, who doesn't love a chance to start fresh?   Leading up to the new year, we all spend a lot of time thinking about resolutions and changes we’d like to make. After all, it’s a magical time for reinvention, right? A time for us all to reflect on the past and look toward the future, right?
Yes, and well… maybe. 
While hitting reset and getting clear on our intentions is a very good thing, there are a couple things to remember, especially as musicians and creatives.
1. We take on too much! Don't make your list so long that you set yourself up for disappointment. (Yep, we're looking at you)! Set yourself up instead for success by focusing in on a few goals, then the habits and systems that support your growth!  
2. You can reinvent your self at anytime. While it's exciting to step into a brand new year, why should we wait for New year as defined by a calendar system that’s only 440 years old to tell us when we can reimagine our lives? As performers we reinvent ourselves whenever we sit down to practice. We reinvent ourselves when we comb our hair and put on our concert clothes. You CAN reinvent yourself when ever you want. If it works for you to do it this time our year, great!  If it works better in July, awesome. If a monthly schedule of hitting that reset button works best, more power to you.
>>> Knowing these things helps the "reset" tool be even more powerful! <<<
So go ahead, reflect on 2022 and look at, plan and dream for 2023.  
What about us you ask?!  So glad you want to know! Through all our year-end conversations, here are a few threads that popped up ❤️  and some things we plan to take into and deepen in the new year!  
* Smart, healthy productivity. There's the burnout kind of productivity, and there are smart ways to be efficient and get things done. The folks at and their podcast always has some great ideas, James Clear is one of our faves for setting up systems that support real growth (read Atomic Habits!) ,  and for practicing?  Here are our top ten favorite practice essentials
* Our posse. Knowing the power of and surrounding ourselves with people who ride the ups and downs, triumphs and failures with us! In an age where we're more "connected" than ever, we're less connected than ever. So hold those people close who help you face the world and help you up when you're down
* Walk. Neuroscience gives us the tools to process our emotions, because life tends to be unpredictable and messy! Walking is one of the best ways to process an array of emotions whether you're anxious, sad, angry, have low self esteem, or don’t feel motivated. From breathing more deeply, moving your body, gazing into the distance, walking provides all the things that help work away those difficult emotions.
* Believe. This works for both the small and big things. First, be aware of what's working! Double down on that. Notice what's not working, and tweak, refine, rework. This helps us flex our “trust” and “believe” muscles! 
* Purge, prune and plot.  Marie Forleo teaches this method for goal setting: First, write down all your dreams, goals and to-dos. Purge it all out (in all areas of your life)! Then, ruthlessly prune (read: prioritize).  Give your most important dreams the space to flourish. Finally, plot it. On your calendar. “Be aggressive but realistic” she says. Check out our brand spanking new (digital or print) Musician's Planner :) 
Which ones of these will you try with us?  

Now … what's coming up? 
Dec 31, 10am ET We'll breathe, have a short meditation session and enjoy a beautiful ritual to turn the page into the new year! It's free - anyone is welcome to join. Sign up here!
Thrive is your career homebase!  A program that helps you accomplish your biggest career goals, the membership is continually offering new ways to do just that! In 2023 we're excited to announce goal-oriented action weeks (call them challenges, sprints, or masterminds) to get you moving the needle. Through live and video lessons you'll:
🌿  Grow beyond being a "good player" and become a truly dynamic musician
🧠  Develop a strong, steady mindset, empowering you to push past your fears
✏️  Gain the necessary skills to build everything from great practice routines to a resume that stands out
❤️  Receive continual support and guidance from your hosts, guests and the Thrive community
Our biggest dream is to help you achieve yours. That's what we most look forward to in 2023 and beyond! 
Ixi, Tiffany & Ted
p.s. We'd love to hear any thoughts, sticking points or breakthroughs you have! Share them with us anytime, we read every single message!

Comparison is the thief of joy
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