Christmas Cat...
Meet Scout
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The Christmas Cat
Meet Scout. The latest addition to the Probst Family. He's adjusting quite well to his new home. He's managed to scale about 4 feet of our Christmas Tree, leap over my head while I was reading, and charm Joey (our dog). Not bad for his first few days. He was also a great lesson in anticipation for Jake, who had to wait nearly two-months to adopt him. Something I'm learning a lot about as I wrap up edits and final sign-offs on my book. After some minor convincing, I'm also anticipating my return to the half-marathon starting line this spring. I'll be frank - I'm a bit nervous not having completed one since before COVID-19. But, if nothing else, I've determined, I'd rather finish last then not line-up at all.
As for what else I'm up to? I want to share my intention for the new year.  It came to fruition after spending the past year focusing on being enough.
What I'm Reading:
My favorite book of 2022 was an unexpected gem focused on faith and imperfection. If you haven't discovered Kate Bowler, yet, I highly recommend you start devouring everything she puts out. Here's a bit more on why I chose her book Good Enough as my favorite (it was far from easy). If you aren't ready to commit, she recently interviewed Liz Gilbert on her podcast which was both entertaining and informative, along with Glennon Doyle in a podcast episode that'll leave you begging for more. In total, I managed to devour about 70 books this year according to Good Reads. So many of them were amazing in case you are looking for a recommendation.
What I'm Writing:
My latest blog post for Another Mother Runner talks about the gift of grace during the holidays. At the time, I didn't even know the Universe was going to remind me yet again who is in charge. Check it out now.
Book Update:
My book is hopefully on-track to come out April 6. It is at the printer as we speak and advanced reader copies should be in my grubby hands soon. Around that time, I'll start sharing more about what lead to this book and hopefully offer some pre-order specials. In the meantime, I'm still offering 20% off It Could Be Worse on my book site. Just enter run2022 at check-out.
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“Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one.” Brad Paisley
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more soon, friend!
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