IT'S 2023!
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Great! So, you have resolved to have close, supportive relationships because you know it’s important to your happiness and well-being. Human connection not only affects us mentally, but it is also key in how long we'll live and how healthy we’ll be during those years. Intimate, family, spousal, social, and professional relationships are all important to have in check.
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I’d like to take this opportunity to spread some cheer because, afterall, it is the holiday season,
but I’d also like to share some tips for those of you who aren’t feeling so festive and are
planning for a divorce:
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words matter
Change the words you’re thinking about other people. - Words matter. Not just the words we use when we speak to others, but the words we say to ourselves about others.
moments of positivity
Create tiny moments of positivity each day. - Even if it’s just a warm smile directed at the drive-thru window attendant, or your eyes meeting as you acknowledge your pharmacist, you unleash a cascade of positive reactions in you and them.
hold hands
When you and your partner argue, hold hands with them… really! - When couples are in conflict, it’s important for them to remember that they’re on the same team. This helps in feeling more connected, and as a result, less destructive.
ask open-ended questions
Ask an open-ended question of someone in your life… every day. - Once a day, invite someone you care about to share. Ask your colleague: “What’s been the best part of your week so far?”, then be fully present and listen to their answer. This shows that you really care.
quality time
Schedule time to spend with your best friends. - Strong, quality relationships require maintenance and ongoing investment.
Deliver an overdue apology. - Pick someone in your life that you’ve had a fallout with and apologize by sending a note, a text, or in person. When you embrace your humility, you can get a significant boost in your happiness… and possibly be forgiven as well!
Making SMALL changes in our relationships can yield BIG results. 🤍
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