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The new year is a time of fresh starts and new beginnings. It's also a time of change. Change is an essential part of life, and holding on to the status quo is not only unhealthy it's a sure way to get and be “stuck”.  
We shift and change - we're in a constant state of emotional and physical flux. Our goals change, our environment shifts, who we surround ourselves with alters. Even our world, and the music world, is rapidly changing!  So embrace change as natural.   When you do, and live life in the flow of, it can be tremendously freeing!
Ask yourself: Are there places I'm willing to make changes? What can I do to cultivate a greater sense of ease, spaciousness and balance? As musicians we can be headstrong; can we balance toward our hearts? As musicians we can be dreamers; can we balance toward letting go of perfection and become do-ers? 
What change are you ready to embrace in 2023? Perhaps it's easing the struggle, changing our inner narrative, or finally saying yes to learning new skills. 
Whatever your reason, go to your intuition. There you'll find the spark and inner fire that fuels your day-to-day! 

Need a little guidance? 
Tomorrow, December 31 at 10am, we'll breathe, have a guided “Getting in the Gap” meditation session, connect with our intention and enjoy a beautiful ritual to turn the page into the new year! 
It's free - anyone is welcome to join. Sign up here!
We invite you to consider Thrive, a program that helps you accomplish your biggest career and life goals.  In 2023 we're excited to announce goal-oriented action weeks (call them challenges, sprints, masterminds, or whatever you like!) to get you moving toward centered and purposeful action. Through live session and video lessons you'll:
🤲  A shared collaborative space that facilitates meaningful conversations - helping you gain an edge in today's world
🌿  Grow beyond being a "good player" and become a truly dynamic musician
🧠  Develop a strong, steady mindset, empowering you to push past your fears
✏️  Gain the necessary skills to build everything from great practice routines to a resume that stands out
❤️  Receive continual support and guidance from your hosts, guests and the Thrive community
Learn more here! Have questions? Reply to this email with them.
We're here to help you flourish and thrive! 
Happy new year to all! 🎉🍾
Ixi, Tiffany & Ted
p.s. We'd love to hear any thoughts, sticking points or breakthroughs you have! Share them with us anytime, we read every single message!
Did you hear? The Musician's Practice Planner is available for pre-order or digital purchase. 

Are you ready to take big, bold action?
Our experiences are vast and have taught us that musicians like you need help in more ways than the traditional path lays out. Our approach includes a hefty dose of expertise, honesty and empathy. We're here to go above and beyond for you. 
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